Compare and Contrast two office Memos - Business Essay Example

Compare and Contrast two office Memos

            The office memos were both about communication facilities upgraded, and were issued as a clarification to avoid conflict with the existing communication facility set up - Compare and Contrast two office Memos introduction. Their similarities are that both memos contained information and instruction regarding the upgrade of their facilities, and that both were directive memos.  The difference between these two is that the first was sent as a clear and specific directive to be followed by the particular recipient of the memo. The directive is for all the radios to go back to the comm. shop to be reprogrammed. While the second is a directive memo informing in a very simple statement all concerned of the effect of the upgrade which is the non availability of the Mimir database on June 18,2008 from 12:00 PM to 12:15 PM Alaska time.


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            The first memo contains clear and specific information directed to particular persons. This information involves the recipient of the message, the reason behind the upgrade, explanation of the procedures and instructions. In other words, the first is not only handing down information and instructions, it is stating a policy so the particular recipients of the message understand in detail the intended massage.

In contrast with the first memo, the second memo is very simple and merely informing all the concern audience of the developments, which is increasing the Buffer Pool on the Mimir database to increase performance. The memo was issued to the concern public and was intended only to inform them of the consequence for such upgrade for the benefit of the affected individual. It did not have procedural explanation or offered concrete reason for such adjustment. Thus, though both messages came as a directive but they greatly differ in the presentation of the intended message.

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