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Compare and Contrast: Women vs Men

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Women vs Men
According to Albert Einstein, “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” Not only was Einstein was the king of quantum physics, but he got right to the point of the most troubling challenges in relations to men vs women. To break it down into better terms, the thinking of process of our opposite sex differs. Dave Barry writes a fundamental article called “Beauty and the Beast,” that gives a response to how men should always take caution before a woman asks, “How do I look?”

Or anything relating to their physical appearance period.

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Compare and Contrast: Women vs Men
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Men do not generally care too much about their appearance, as long as they don’t end up looking like a repulsive mess. Women on the other hand are more insecure and will try to find ways to self-improve their appearance. Typically the woman will spend more time investing on their physical appearance and emotions, while the man will invest more time and focus on being self productive, or at least self productive to himself.

When entering into a home, a person can quickly assume which area of the house does the male and female usually occupy and resides most of their time. One of the places where a man spends the majority of his time is in the garage. Why the garage?

Tools and machineries are compiled in the garage which gives the common man access to go out and use to fix just about everything such as the heating vent, plumbing clogs, hinges, ac coolant, filters, car parts and labor, the list goes on. All these tools and machineries have a tendency to get dirty and grimy after so many usages which is why women do not really have a strong interest in using them, or so they say. Where do women usually spend their time? The bathroom. Women devote a good amount of time in there to prep for the day, about thirty minutes to shower, ten minutes to dress (that’s with a pre decided outfit), eight minutes for facial hair removing, forty five seconds to do a run through of body spray/perfume, half an hour to apply makeup, and an hour on hair; in comparison to men who spend a mere couple of minutes taking a dump and brushing their teeth and licking their brows into place.

The types of “tools” that are used for women are makeup sets, facial hair removers, and unnecessary highly priced products for hair and skin. In high school, shop was required for boys and home economics for girls, but even if any of the girls had had a choice, they would never have ventured into the world of tools and grease. Men don’t often find it necessarily for them to put on makeup or take an hour doing their hair. To set it on an even more simpler state, they don’t have the time to not be productive.

Like tools, each gender has their own preference in technologies. In our society men are expected to learn about machines, technology and how things work. In addition, men are usually looked upon to take in a “technological world view” along with industrial society. Such a broad view emphasizes objectiv­ity, rationality, and controls over nature and distance from human emotions. On the contrary, women are not really expected to know much about technical matters. Instead, they’re known and expected to be good at interper­sonal relationships and to focus on people and emotion. For men, categories like these are preferred over emotions and self-image.

Much equipment tends to be gender-typed. There is technology for men such as blu ray television sets, home theaters, computer building, electric cars, even lawn care machinery which in most cases make a man’s job easier. Women on the other hand do not quite use technology to it’s maximum, for instance — hair straighteners, wax kits, magnified mirrors, skincare systems, or electric hair remover. These yet again are for beauty enhancements. For women it is an inevitable non ending trial and error. The man’s wardrobe does not have to cover the all the arrays of a rainbow like the woman.

What men usually need is a few work clothes that are appropriate to the workplace environment. In fact no man over the age of twenty-one cares what he wears. The common man would have a few shoes that are conventional enough to be used for most occasions. All men have their own vision of “style” that governs how they dress from day to day, that includes just plain comfort clothing and button down shirts. Whenever a man has free time the usual “outfit” is spent in comfortable and relaxing attire.

For women it’s a completely different visual. It’s absolutely necessary for them to be seen out in all the latest styles, trends, hipster clothing, even on a day off. Most women enjoy shopping, and buying clothes seems to be a hobby for some of them. They can simply hand over their credit card or fill in their bank details online only to come to the realisation that they have spent quite a substantial amount of money on clothes. The tops, outerwear, pants, and let’s not mention accessories and shoes, can take up an abundant amount of space and pocket money that could be used for something more substantial.

Women generally spend a lot of money on clothes for themselves and sometimes for their children and partners, but when it comes to their own clothing they don’t always make the wisest financial decisions. The majority of women buy clothes that are new and are sometimes drawn to certain brands and labels, even though all the clothes on show are probably made in a factory in China, they are paying for the name and are letting the world know that they can afford to make exorbitant purchases.

They may not even need new clothes, but just want to buy something stylish. Women are afraid the public will judge and criticize what they wear and how they look, giving them the idea that tending to the media and what they wear with such high price tags, is okay; as opposed to men who do not have a slight care of what the public thinks so as long as their in their own comfort. Women and men have a lot of relative similarities in terms of having the same personality traits and comparable physical features. They are the same species and have an endless amount of things in common. Society is the only that separates the two genders causing differences and discrimination. Women and men essentially work in couples in the same way. Both sexs actually start the same way when first born in feminine ideas and thoughts, but because of evolution both sexs evolve into different things and evaluate situations differently. For women, beauty manipulates self-esteem by damaging the conscience and inner strength of a woman’s mind.

Even if beauty is seen as digital and fake, most women will desire to look exactly like that. Self-esteem will lower substantially and cause the individual to judge their body and look. That sense of “perfection” will take over and soon the old image, or the once thought of as beauty image, will fade. Magazines, movies, unhealthy bodies, and alternative ways for achieving beautiful quality will completely dominate the average woman. Whereas men feel less pressured by this “image”, they are usually one’s to trigger, dominate, and intrigue what’s expected by the public and media. Men tend to more self individual thought and motivation compared to the woman. Dave Barry was able to convey this irrelevant image that’s reflected by society, hence “beauty” is the actual “beast” in reality even though both genders fundamentally have the same attributes, goals, and basic value.

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