Compare collegiate sports in the USA and EUROPE

The sport academies within the United States have a unique way in which they operate - Compare collegiate sports in the USA and EUROPE introduction. Firstly the college sports programmes within the United States play a very significant role in the overall hierarchy of sport organization. That is, it forms part of the performance pyramid: in that the programs serve as feeder systems that provide talent to the apex of the hierarchy of the sport. Pyramids are organizations that usually the apex of athletes with high level of performance who regularly represent the United States internationally at professional ranks.

            The degree to which participation and competition is conducted within the united states is normally very high within the collegiate setting as compared in parts of Europe. This is usually demonstrated through various ways such as the high number of schools involved: the various disciplines played (male and female)/the high number of athletes participating as well as the number of persons who directly or indirectly draw a means of livelihood from the collegiate sports.

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            The economic significance that has been created by interscholastic sports in America economy is also very huge. One of the most important aspects of what puts America at a very different position in the world arena and at a better platform than Europe is the economics of collegiate sport competition. The expenditure as well as the revenue indicators likes the number of spectators as well as media coverage. Overall, the business of college sports within America sports is so huge than when compared to that of other states from Europe seems incomparable. This is due to various reasons that bring out the difference and puts the United States above the rest.

            In order to have a clearer view and a better understanding for that on the issue it is important to clarify that collegiate sports is far much different from club sport. Like in the rest of the world, most colleges and universities have clubs sport programs that provides their students with an opportunity to merely exploit their talent engage in sport activity. To understand why America’s collegiate sport is more developed than that of Europe, below are some key points

   The first important aspect to note about the United States collegiate sport program is the extent of institutional support given to the college sports teams. For instance access to quality facilities and equipment is one of the institutional supports that sport training facilities as well as the competition at majority of American university and colleges are well equipped that they even rival some major sport clubs in Europe. The other aspect of institutional support provided is that of personnel: the colleges have both administrative and program specific personnel like coaches as well as trainers.

            The number of the administrators and trainers is never inadequate. There are instances when the number of full time employed staff in the college sport program departments exceeds 100(cite). When event staff number is factored in to the already huge one of departmental staff the number considerlably goes up. Expectedly the high number of facilities, personnel together with high quality equipment in the United States usually makes the business very lucrative.

            It is estimated that the operating budget of some of big collegiate sport programs may be somewhere around $75 million in a single year. Their institution provides access to major internal constituencies like students, staff and the institutions alumnus. The other major aspect of collegiate sports programs within the United States is that it is regularly the most visible representative of a university or college and normally can serve to describe the school in the minds of the public as a whole. Most colleges are normally identified with a particular sporting activity they excel at.

            Another important area that helps distinguish the American collegiate sport program from that of Europe is that of governance. The issue of governance is divided in to three main district classes: the first one is usually the national one. Every school that is involved in collegiate sports usually has a membership with any one of the collegiate sanctioning organizations be it the National Association of Intercollegiate  Athletics (NAIA) the national collegiate athletic association (NCAA), or the national junior college athletic association (NJCAA).

            Some of these sanctioning bodies like NCAA are further divided into small units (subject) known as divisions that classify schools in to categories based on various numbers of criteria that includes; size or the number and the particular type of sports that they are involved in.

            The united state having no such central sports organization like a university of sports seems to be decentralized. This back of a central national level of organization makes it easier for the feeder system to thrive. As such the sanctioned collegiate sport in the United States has established itself as the most essential link in the hierarchy of sport organization. That is much of the country’s top talented athletes are drawn from these collegiate sport programs. This means that the county grants support to the athletes at this level as well as developing them. Once they graduate the best athletes from the collegiate sport programs are absorbed at the top most part of the organizational sport pyramid. Within Europe in the most cases this role is normally relegated to either the military, or club sports.

The kind of advertising that is also given to the collegiate sports within the United States is also very high.


Thomas Rasandich, collegiate sport programs: “A comparative analysis” education,

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