Compare informations in powerpoint

Compare informations in powerpoint

            Which is more presentable is the Origins of California Agriculture because of the grafix and pictures used - Compare informations in powerpoint introduction. It is good in the eye and is easy to understand but the content of the presentation is not sufficient to fulfill my understanding. It seems that it talked only about the relationship of the missionaries and religious names to the agricultural growth in California.

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Compare informations in powerpoint
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            The American Agriculture powerpoint presentation is also good but it dealt with the connection of the political aspect and the strategies of the past government. It’s clear to me that the agricultural growth in America is based on how the government did their part to really develop the state. It’s influence and initiative to implement such strategies make it clear why it is stated in the front page the “hoe we got to be so good” subtitle.

            The US Agricultural History, seem to be the longest one among others. It included in the discussion how the agriculture industry in the US faced with problems and chaos. It is good to discuss thing that is really included in the history. This powerpoint presentation is more educational and tending people to think of what to do because the presentation cited the problems of it’s growth.

            It is notably that at 1700’s, married women are not allowed to get a pice of land, while men at this age can have and own his land as wide as he could see. At this simple statement, it triggers people to argue why women always have this discrimination from men. It reminds the viewer or any person who may read the presentation about how women are being aggravated by men. I understand that the message of the presentation was about a “married” women, but my very first reaction towards it was: really? We’ve been discriminated…

            “While they are often silent, hidden, and under-appreciated, rural women represent probably our worlds most powerful untapped natural resource, and they are surely more than ever before a key to world stability and understanding. Unequal access to education consigns women to lives of low status and large families. Their inability to read the instructions on a packet of contraceptive pills or a pesticide container, a seed catalogue or an invoice, a wages slip or a newspaper, excludes women from the full benefits of development and from making their full contribution as citizens. Research clearly shows educated women are more productive, and the economic rates of return to education are high.(Women in Agriculture, Dr. Colien Hefferan)”. Thanks to this author, the justice for the hardworking women were considerably cited and have been given importance.

            “Women have extensive work loads with dual responsibility for farm and household production….

            Women contribute considerably to household income through farm and homestead production and wage labor…

            Women are actively involved in forestry, fisheries and livestock production…

            Women have a central role in home gardening and homestead food production…

            Women’s contribution to agriculture, which is counted as unpaid family labor, is grossly underestimated… (SDdimensions, FAO, Bangladesh).”

            Meanwhile, the Agricultural Transformation is very far from the current situation of the agriculture. It dealt with a so long ago transformation of the agriculture industry, and it’s quite so boring. Maybe some people would be interested to talk about the before Christ era, but I’m sure, those are only the people who are interested in discovering how the earth is formed and the how the dinosaurs lived in the past. Yes, it’s informative but it’s not the perfect one to discuss the more essential and more important aspect and angle of the agricultural transformation.

            Among all of the presentation, the topic about the US Agricultural history is more informative and essential. Though it doesn’t deal with the very beginning of the history, like the BC era, what’s important there is that it has the discussion about an evolution of the industry wherein the problems that the agricultural transformation had faced and how the people of the past overcome it.

             Unlike the presentation of the American Agriculture topic, it also included the political influence on it’s agricultural evolution, but the thing there is, it discussed how the government of the US took place and initiated ways to solve the problem. That is where they differ to each other. Both of the presentation tells different kinds of story, but the delivery of the American Agriculture presentation is more approachable, practical, and a mass oriented one. To add its being interesting because the people who would watch or would see the way it’s being delivered, it’s more related to their heart because the generation that has been talked about was the one which is near to people’s understanding and awareness.


Women in Agriculture, Remarks by: Dr. Colien Hefferan (Administrator, Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Service United States Department of Agriculture,

Sustainable Development Department(SD) Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations(FAO) BANGLADESH Asia’s women in agriculture,
environment and rural production,


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