Compare the ways language is used in source three and source two

Source two uses formal language so that it can fulfil its purpose to inform the audience - Compare the ways language is used in source three and source two introduction. Therefore it uses facts and figures throughout the article to give the reader as much information as possible whilst still containing the sense of disaster e.g. “The tropical storm saw winds of up to 170mph” this is followed by, “that sent waves crashing…” This gives the fact more power and influence than if it was just in its own because it gives in more meaning and shows the consequences of the terrific winds. Source three, on the other hand, uses descriptive language because its purpose is to entertain as well as to inform. Therefore the writer uses informal language and involves the reader e.g. “a scrawny little street urchin like me”. The language used is very relaxed and the audience can relate to it because this is the type of language we use in everyday speech rather than Standard English. Both Source two and Source three use personification. In Source two it says “the screeching of the wind”. This helps to give the impression of the noise that the wind makes but also suggests that the wind is alive and does what it wants of its own accord.

This makes the wind even more terrifying because it has turned into a thing that has a mind of its own and therefore is dangerous. In Source three it says “a burning hatred”. This again suggests that hatred is alive; however instead of just having a mind of its own it implies that it controls him as he is saying that he has this hatred. Also because it is “burning” it links to the devil as the devil is considered to be in a fiery pit of hell. This means that it is an overpowering emotion and is a consequence of the bad treatment he had to endure whilst with the first couple. Unlike Source two, Source three uses a simile. For example, “like a sunflower growing up a wall”. The “sunflower” suggests that he felt alive and free and that it felt natural to be growing so fast. However he still needed support and this took the form of the wall. However the fact that it says “Or a weed” afterwards implies that he was using the hard work of others to grow i.e. their food.

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Throughout Source two there is a sense of terror, however the last sentence of the article shows that there are still miracles in disasters; “A girl was born at a Cairns evacuation centre just before dawn with the help of a British midwife”. This emits a feeling of hope and uplifts the reader. The “midwife” is specifically portrayed as “British” and this implies that other countries are helping. Also because the word “dawn” is used the sentence comes across as romantic and as at the end of a fairy story there is always a scene with the dawn where they live happily ever after, it suggests that, through all the destruction, there is going to be a happy ending.

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