Compare/Contrast essay - Part 2 - Comparison Essay Example


            The method of comparison/contrast that is used in the essay “Neat People vs - Compare/Contrast essay introduction. Sloppy People” by Suzanne Britt is subject by subject (also sometimes referred to as block method).  Britt first develops the traits of sloppy people in paragraphs 2-5 and then develops those traits of neat people in the remaining paragraphs, 6-12.  The first developmental paragraph (2) is an explanation of sloppy people’s personality traits or characteristics.  Paragraph 3 talks about all of the “somedays” that sloppy people will have – organizing their books, catalogs, and photos into scrapbooks.  Paragraph 4 expands on why sloppy people will never become neat.


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  Paragraph five explains the mentality of the sloppy person and ends with a point about a neat person.  the development of the neat person begins with the character traits of neat people, as did the first developmental paragraph regarding sloppy people.  Paragraphs seven, eight, and nine are all similar in the fact that they talk about the processes of a neat person, which compliment the structure of paragraph three in the development of the sloppy people.  Paragraphs ten and eleven develop the economic aspect of being neat, which was not developed for sloppy people.  Both segments end, however, similarly with the inner personality traits of each.

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