Comparing and Contrasting two areas of nursing - Comparison Essay Example

 Comparing and Contrasting two areas of nursing

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Compare and Contrast 2 different areas of nursing. Discuss what area of nursing you find most interesting and why.  I would like to compare hospital based nursing and clinical research nursing.  I am most interested in the field of clinical research and monitoring of clinical trials.  I liked the idea of using my pharmacology knowledge to study the scientific effects of risk, efficacy and benefits of pharmaceuticals.

In the field, of nursing, I do like the role a nurse plays in clinical trials.  Especially in drug trials, a nurse would play a major role in administration of the drug, monitoring the effects of the drug and identifying the risks and benefits of the drug.  A nurse would be working in close coordination with other personnel in the research field, compared to the clinical field.  Teamwork is an important factor in the research field, as many people from different fields would be working towards a common goal.  In the research field, the nurse would be working under the advice of the ‘principal investigators’, whereas in the clinical field, the duty doctor, physician, surgeon and/or the specialist, would be providing advice to the nurse.

In a hospital, a nursing would be playing a major role in the management of the patient.  She would be in charge for a certain number of beds in various inpatient departments.  The nurse would supervise the patient’s entire treatment and play a role in the rehabilitation of the patient.  The nurses would plan, implement and monitor the treatment of the patient.  She would also counsel, educate and motivate the patient and provide assistance as per their needs.  The nurse would also play a role in the informed consent process, maintenance of medical records and hospital administration processes.  Studies have shown that the quality of medical care provided is usually better when the nurse to patient ratio is higher.  Hence, the nurses play a major role in ensuring quality of care of the hospital (Stanton, 2007).

            In the field of clinical research, nurses could work as ‘clinical research nurse coordinators’.  They would be utilizing their nursing knowledge for the sake of human therapeutic research.  Several processes such as assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation would also apply to the field of clinical research trials.  The nurses would have to obtain informed and full voluntary consent, ensuring that the protocols are implemented, evaluation and monitoring of the study protocols, and assess the participants or subjects of the study (especially compliance and adherence levels).  Besides, adhering to the usual ethical practice guidelines, the nurses would also have to ensure that the standards and guidelines set by the regulatory body are adhered (The Hospital for Sick Children, 2007).


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