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Comparing high school and University

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High school vs. College

College and High school are both amazing experience with unique features making people love them both. College is very expensive compared to high school since you have to pay for room and board, tuition, books, food and the list can go on. College is also requires a lot better work ethic towards your studies compared to high school. You will have a lot more assignments, test and reasonability with your college schoolwork. College has a lot of opportunities to participate in new activities or activities you enjoy on a less serious level.

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Comparing high school and University
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The amount of clubs or recreational teams you can join in college is unbelievable, compared to high school you will find yourself always being busy if you join a club you enjoy or a sports team for fun. College is social environment more expensive, presents more academic challenges, and offers a more than high school. College is more expensive than high school because of tuition, living expenses, and books.

Depending on the college you attend, and if you are going to school in state, out of state, internationally tuition will always be expensive. The average rate of tuition is $1,500- $2000 per term. You will also have the expense of residence or rent if you are living away from home. Rent can be $400-$600 a month and residence cost around $2000 a semester.

Another cost that college students have to cover is the cost of books. Book price can range every semester from $300-$500, depending on how many classes you are taking and the type of classes you are taking. In high school you had no expenses because high schools are government funded. You don’t have to pay for books you just check them out of the library and bring them back at the end of the semester. Since you high school is most likely in your hometown you will not have resident or rent payments every month or semester. The workload in college is more challenging than the workload in high school. In college you will always be studying or doing homework. You will never have time to sit there and do nothing because if you don’t have an assignment due the next day then you have a major test coming up in a few days. In college you will most likely have an average of 3-5 assignments a per week plus 1-3 tests or quiz’s. You have to put a lot of time into your studies in college in order to be successful. Assignment are also more challenging then high school, instead of a quick reading and answer 1-2 questions, you have to maybe read a chapter of 100 pages and do a paper summarizing what the chapter was on. This paper will be worth maybe 25% or more of your final grade. In high school you have way less assignments maybe 1-3 a week and they will only take an hour or two to finish.

On top of the few assignments and the little time it takes to complete them they are only with 5%-15% of your overall grade. In high school you may only have 1 test a week. College offers more activities, sports, and clubs than high school. While in college even with a busy academic schedule you will make time for fun. There is always something to do, weather it is recreational sports, different clubs to join, social activities, etc. The school always has things going on as well. The gym has basketball courts where people are always playing scrimmages, Friday they gym has soccer and volleyball. You can work out at the gym, go to the pool and/or weight room. You can join the fine art clubs, such as dancing or choir. On special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, homecoming, etc. the school might have special activities going on to participate in. In high school there are many sports teams but all of them are high competing team, they don’t have any recreational teams.

There is no weight room, gym to go play basketball or soccer with your buddies, no pool to go swimming. High school does have clubs you can join but they are not as big and exciting as in college. College and High school both have their pros and cons, both of them also come with great experiences. When college and high school are contrasted on the basis of financial, academic, and social aspects, it becomes clear that college is more costly, more academically challenging and more socially stimulating than the high school environment.

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