Comparing skype against competition - Comparison Essay Example

            Compared to other websites such as Vonage and Calldirek, a striking difference can immediately noticed – Skype’s website has a more interactive and colourful design than the other websites - Comparing skype against competition introduction. It also does not turn-off possible visitors because it does not bombard them with prices compared to the offers such as in Vonage; instead, Skype’s pages show photo presentations which highlight the “importance” of staying in-touch. I see these as an effective strategy because it is universal; in the pictures, there are pictures of friends talking with each other, on their “get connected” page, it shows a family member about to leave, and so on. This strategy shows that anyone can use the service, not unlike competitor sites which mainly target the “paying” audience.

            The Skype website is also appealing to the eyes because of its simplicity, and at the same time sophistication due to color schemes and background images. The other websites only show their phone model and the product bundles that they offer. Skype also dedicates a separate page for all inquiries about their rates, their credits, and other business related information making the website much more organized than the others.


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            If there is one thing negative about the website of Skype, it is that it takes much more time to load compared to other websites because of the intensity of the images and their presentation. Other websites offer shorter load times because it only shows an entire image which exhibit their handset models and subscription rates.


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