Comparing Two Ads

Comparing Two Ads

            Advertisements have been one of the most effective tools in the marketing strategies of most companies as well as other businesses - Comparing Two Ads introduction. It has been used in order to promote the products and services in the business sector for consumers to patronize what they are selling. These advertising campaigns have the main objective of attracting as many customers as it can, which is why they used this tool to attain the maximum possible impact it could have towards the people who would see it (Samuel, n.p.). Being the case, advertisements have affected and influenced the way of thinking of the society. Many people have absorbed the messages imparted by these ads whether they are consciously or unconsciously aware of it. One of the most prevalent message that these advertisement feed to the people is to be materialistic and consumerist. As such, success in life is defined by having money and the capability to buy material things like expensive alcohol, which becomes a symbol or measurement of what a good life is. An analysis of two particular ads will be shown in the succeeding paragraphs in support of the said idea.

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            In order to easily identify the two advertisements that would be discuss in this paper, there would be a corresponding title for each ad that is simply labeled according to what it is being portrayed. For the purpose of clarification, these titles are assigned by the author and are not specifically included in the ads.

            The first advertisement would be titled as the “Alcohol Bottle.” This ad exemplified a picture of a wealthy gentleman that is on top of a very beautiful and attractive woman. Both of them are laying down on a classy red velvet bed that is situated in a sophisticated looking room. A briefcase containing a large sum of money that scattered all over the room and surrounding the characters in this ad further emphasizes the elite status of this gentleman. Even the clothes he is wearing and the ring on his finger symbolizes the luxurious life that he is living. The woman is also enjoying this luxury as her facial expression shows that she is having the time of her life while holding a huge amount of cash. Similarly, the gentleman also has the same expression of sheer pleasure and happiness as he is enjoying his money, his lady, and the alcoholic beverage he is drinking. Furthermore, the product that is greatly emphasize in this ad and most noticeable is the alcoholic drink that is placed in the table right in front of the picture.

            The second ad is referred to as the “Bottle of Success.” This ad exemplified a businessman who is facing sideways, which makes his face hidden, as it is not captured in the picture. The only thing that is really emphasized is the bottle of liquor that is situated at the side table near the arm of this successful looking man. The ad also have a very interesting and catchy tag line “SUCCESS is one thing, ENJOYING IT is another.”

            The “Alcohol Bottle” ad symbolizes the idea that having money, a beautiful woman, and drinking alcohol is synonymous to success. This advertisement gives the message that drinking alcohol is somehow success in itself, which is not surprising since it is an advertisement for an alcoholic brand. Drinking alcohol is a necessity in order for someone’s life to be considered as victorious. It also sends the message that money, woman, and alcohol are the only characteristics of a good life. Being the case, the society is imparted with the concept of a very limited and narrow-minded definition of what a productive life is, which is characterized by the mere acquisition of material things.

            Similarly, the second ad entitled “Bottle of Success” also has the same idea that alcohol should be part of a successful life. However, the difference in this ad is that they equate alcohol with the idea of enjoying success unlike the previous ad wherein it makes alcohol synonymous to it. In this picture, alcohol is an effect or the fruit of success. A person must be able to reach the top of his chosen career or whatever course of action he/she is taking before he could be able to enjoy its benefits like alcohol. As such, those who patronized or drink this kind of alcohol is already given a higher reputation. The kind of image exemplified is the idea that they belong to the upper class of society because they are on the top of their careers and are already enjoying the huge amount of money that they obtain from their successful undertakings. Having such status gives them the right to enjoy their success or the perks of their hard work like drinking this alcoholic beverage. It gives the idea that only those who have the means to spend have the right to enjoy their life as they earn it because they can already considered themselves as above other people because they have already attained the idea of success.

            Another difference of the “Alcohol Bottle” is the fact that it used woman in its advertisement. The way the woman is depicted in the picture gives the idea that men are the only one’s who are capable of success and that woman are just simply a part of it. It makes people especially the male population look at women as mere commodities or objects synonymous to success. Giving this kind of idea clearly subordinates women from men by implying that they are not capable of being successful unlike their male counterpart. Moreover, it also degrades the worth of women because they are branded as a mere prizes that a man should have in return for the success that he had acquired. As such, materialism is also applicable in such scenario because women are regarded as objects that men should have.

            These two ads influence the mentality of the society to be materialistic and consumerist. They consider success in life as as the mere acquisition of money and the capability to buy all the material things that they want. Alcoholic beverages are just one of the material things that they could afford, which becomes a measure of their advertisement-influence idea of what a good life is.  The companies responsible for these ads are doing this marketing strategy in order to instill the idea of consumerism to the people. If they could convince the people that success means earning lots of money then it would be beneficial for them because having huge amount of cash also entails that the people have more means to spend in order to patronized their products and services.

Work Cited

Samuel, Anthony. “The Critical Importance of Advertising.” 12 July 2008


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