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Comparing U.S - Comparing U.S. to the Nazis: Not a Smart Move introduction. to the Nazis:  Not a Smart Move

            Recently, Senator Dick Durbin was rebuked and criticized when he compared the behavior of Americans at Guantanamo Bay to that of Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings (Hanson, 2005).  In his Senate floor speech, Sen. Durbin said that an FBI report describes Guantanamo Bay prisoners as chained to the floor in fetal position without water or food and at times in extreme temperatures (Balz, 2005).  I agree with Hanson (2005), in his article “Comapring U.S. to the Nazis Akin to Throwing Gas on a Fire” that Sen. Durbin’s act of comparing the treatment of prisoners at the Naval Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay to the interrogation tactics of the Nazis is not a smart move because it makes the war on terror more dangerous for American troops.


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            The remarks of Sen. Durbin could spark anti-Americanism (Scarborough and Lakely, 2005).  The Al Jazeera Arab-language news station posted Durbin’s statement, which triggered the revolutionary feelings of some individuals against the Americans.  Comments such as the one made by Sen. Durbin are being picked up, sensationalized, and used and being distorted by the press adversative to the interests of the United States.  Now, Sen. Durbin is not alone in his comparison.  Several people and organizations are starting to criticize the American policy in Guantanamo and are likening the U.S. armed forces to the Nazi concentration camp guards (Hanson, 2005).  All of a sudden, Hitler, the Nazis and the mad regimes are popping up all over the place when in fact, these mad regimes have completely no relation or similarity with a humane military or a democratic United States (Hanson, 2005).  Moreover, Alfred Knopf has already published a story, which tells about killing the President.  Also, art exhibits, plays and stand up comedy acts are talking about assassinating the President.

            Furthermore, it is wrong and improper to equate the behavior and actions of the armed forces of the United States assigned at the detention facilities to the genocidal acts of oppression and murder of the Nazis, of Pol Pot and of the Soviet Gulag because it is extremely insulting to our men in uniform who are putting their lives at risk in being assigned at Guantanamo. Loose remarks such as the one mentioned by Sen. Durbin which was a comparison that has no real basis whether in history or in fact, could definitely cause harm and damage to our men and women in uniform who are serving all over the world to fight this war on terror (Scarborough and Lakely, 2005).  With those remarks, it seemed that Sen. Durbin was trying to diminish what our men and women in uniform are doing and the values and standards that they follow.

As of the moment, the U.S. government is still investigating the FBI and the veracity of the complaints of the Guantanamo detainees (Scarborough and Lakely, 2005); hence, it is grossly improper for Sen. Durbin to make those remarks without first verifying the truthfulness of the report.  I think that it is a serious error in judgment on the part of Sen. Durbin.  At present, the government of the United States justifies the indefinite custody of the men imprisoned at Guantanamo and the admonition of their right to contest the legality of the denunciation of liberty by way of labeling them as enemy combatants.  Hence, it is still premature for Sen. Durbin to conclude that the behavior and actions of the U.S. armed forces working at Guantanamo are the same as those of the actions of the Nazis and other mad regimes.

In conclusion, it can be said that the remarks made by Sen. Durbin is not a smart move because it has caused a lot of consequences that makes the war on terror more dangerous for American troops.  For one, it triggered anti-American feelings and actions, which are now proliferating and affecting the country.  Next, Sen. Durbin’s comments demean the actions and standards carried out by the U.S. armed forces in Guantanamo.  And lastly, the government is still investigating the case in point so it is still early to issue conclusive remarks about the situation of prisoners in Guantanamo. #

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