Comparison and contrast - Part 2


This paper aims at comparing and contrasting the physical appearance between twins be it fraternal or identical twins - Comparison and contrast introduction. Beside that, the paper aims at analyzing the similarities and differences in personalities of twins and their interesting funs or hobbies.

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This can be defined as a pair of siblings who are born at the same time and mostly they have common appearance and features. Two types of twins exist; there are fraternal twins and identical twins. Fraternal twins result when there is fertilization and maturation of two ova that are released during ovulation by the mother. Identical twins are born when a single ovum split into two to give rise to a pair fetus.


This can be defined as the personal traits or characters that describe his individuality and behaviors through out his lifetime.


Mostly twins are born when the mother has a hereditary tendency to give birth to twins. Actually, those mothers who give birth to twins have their grand parents, great grand parents or in their family background people who gave birth to twins. This is to say that giving birth to twins is almost a hereditary feature. Twins have many physical and genetically features and characters in common due to their genetically similarities. Nevertheless, due to epigenetic differences, they differ in appearance as they grow due to diversion of the epigenetic profile among the twins. Mostly it is very hard to identify who is who in fraternal twins.


When it comes to physical appearance, male twins tend to have similar or close resemblance to each other. In responses to individuality, approach, and statistical testing, large numbers of monozygotic (MZ) twins resemble one another. In contrast to that, male twins may differ in some ways in their physical features. For example, in this case, John is slightly taller than James is. His eyes protrude slightly as compared to James with a black mark at the left eye. If you would like to differentiate the two, you just have to look at one with the left eyed mark. Beside that, John has light-colored hair and a short broad nose. His teeth alignment is perfect. It is as if the creator had no hurry in ratifying his appearance. John is a bit huge as compared to James, with a broad chest and calves that are more masculine. If you closely check their walking style, they usually walk the same.

Physical appearance of James is almost similar to John apart from that James has a chocolate like face while John has mid brown face. James displays perfect facial appearance due to unremitting bathing. His eyes protrude but not as John. James eyes lack the black mark at the left eye as compared to John. James is tall but not as James is, their difference in height is by inches. James hair is also light colored. His teeth alignment is perfect but has his canine teeth tainted brownish because of being brought up in environment with fluorspar water. James is a not as huge as compared to John, only that he has  a broad chest and calves that are more masculine like his brother.


Twins change their behaviors as they grow. When young, twins have similar characters and interests but this change as they age. Although John and James are twins, they are completely different people in behaviors. John is an easygoing fellow who does not care about tomorrow. He is generous but too egoistic and self-centered. In other word, John is a lifist and more romantic man. John is easily spoiled by his emotions. Actually, the main central character is that John tends to be very secretive and stoic. He is hot-tempered and very insulting. John like dating spouses who are also twins as opposed to James. John is usually a very introverted and nervous male who escapes harsh situations that he cannot handle. John has a hyperactive personality and is generally extrovert.

On the other hand, James is very jovial, social and a caring fellow who minds about tomorrow. Although, twins do not differ too much on characters, these two differ because James is less romantic and he is not fond of dating women. John prefers choosing fiancés and friends analogous to himself. James is a self-responsible man who always likes meeting new people. He is a self-composed and responsible; he is calm and can overcome his anger. He treats people equally with all due respect.

Another uncommon issue is that male twins tend to get married at the same time. It is believed that if one get married the other one will automatically marry. In addition to that, something sad is that if a twin die, the other one does not live long. Due to death emotions, stress and depressions, the other twin end up died no sooner when the other one part.


Their daily practices are also a contrast. John prefers playing football and washing pornographic films. However, meticulous professions, such as modeling, media and adverts, reggae and pop music and lastly sports seem to attract both of them. Male twins when young like or prefer playing similar games or washing movies of the same kind.

John is a man who prefers playing football but James like football than him. John favorite’s hobby is dating women and washing pornographic films. John is a man who prefers wearing clothes no matter what expensive they are. John is a man whose hobby dreams dressing and his existence consists of wearing new clothes and fashions. Imagine every sense of his soul, strength, heart purse, and personification is boldly consecrated to this one entity, the dressing of clothes wisely and smartly.

On the other hand, James prefers playing volleyball and basketball. He prefers washing video tapes that are thrilling and less romantic. James also prefers visiting new places and touring on animal orphanages and zoo. He likes kiting and climbing mountains. James is not fond of dressing expensive clothes. Lastly, James prefers reading sacred books.


Actually, comparing twins and contrasting them is something that must encompass physical appearance and character traits. However, mostly twins are almost similar especially in physical appearances and differ slightly on behaviors and characters. Identical twins are completely similar as opposed to fraternal twins due to influence of genetics. Therefore, some individuality factors are considerably due high heritability coefficients.

 It is very hard to find male twins who differ in their hobbies of preference.

 According to the “Heritability study with twins” by Morrison and Andrew, it was found that due to phenotype and genotype make up, twin’s character differ accordingly due to non-shared environment. Therefore, resemblance to cronies was more distinct on the more heritable things than the few heritable things.


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