Comparison and Contrast Essay - Part 2

Comparison and Contrast Essay

The words of Optimus Prime have become immortal again after the release of Transformers second feature film ‘The Revenge of the Fallen’ - Comparison and Contrast Essay introduction. However another character that has been brought to light with the release of the movie, is the one played by Shia LaBeouf as Samuel James Witwicky, better known as Sam Witwicky. The following is a competitive and contrast essay on how my personality and my life has been a reflection of the one portrayed for Sam Witwicky in the first edition of Transformers. The comparison between me and the character has been conducted in terms of appearance, family background, attitude, habits and hobbies, social life, way of life and the role played.

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When it comes to appearance I am a person of medium built who was an easy target for bullies akin to the character of Sam Witwicky in the Transformers movie. Average features and nerdy looks are what I have been supporting all my life which is also very similar to the appearance and looks depicted for the character of Sam Witwicky in the movie. In the movie the character of Sam Witwicky constantly tries to attract the members of the opposite sex but his attempts are thwarted due to his presence and his role in the social circle. This has been the story of my life as well during my middle and high school years. However there are some differences between the character and myself in terms of the way we dress. While Sam Witwicky tries to wear hi[p clothes, even though they do not fit his physique and attitude, I have been less risky and experimental in terms of fashion and prefer casual clothes that are often regarded by others as being stiff or geeky.

The character of Sam Witwicky in the movie is a single child with an over protective and aggressive mother and a father who relies on the mother to raise the child. The role of the mother I the family is one who cares for her child excessively and treats him as a treasure that needs constant security and protection. The father on the other hand seeks solitude and more independence for both himself and his child but his wife’s personality is much overpowering and stronger than his. My family however is significantly different from the family of Sam Witwicky. While I am also an only child in my family and therefore have been the sole recipient of my parents’ attention, my parents have been more independent in my raising. My father has the more powerful personality and plays a strong role in my life while my mother is more of a supportive wife and mother. My father however had laid strict guidelines for the household and its members that we all have been disciplines with. This is in complete contrast with the family of Sam Witwicky.

My attitude in life has been to excel in both academics as well as in my professional life, and for this objective I have worked hard to attain my set goals. As a result my social life has suffered considerably and I admit to not having made long term friends or alliances that with my peers. This is reflective of my serious attitude towards my goals in life but also shows loads about my attitude. I am a serious person who does not waste time on things or hobbies that have no meaning for me or provide me with no direct benefit. The character of Sam Witwicky has a similar attitude where he is driven by is goals and objectives in life. In Transformers, the objective of Sam Witwicky as depicted in the first few scenes is to make someone of himself and to be famous. While my goals and objectives are different the drive and the motivation that I have along with my attitude is similar to that of Sam Witwicky.

The character of Sam Witwicky as played by Shia LaBeouf is shown to be interested in cars and pursuing an independent life and surfing the web. He is shown to be striving to sell his grandfathers glasses through eBay on the internet which depicts his knowledge of the internet technology and his hobby of surfing the web. I share the hobbies of Sam Wictwicky which pertain to fast cars and surfing the web. While I do not have the funds to acquire fast cars in my current financial state, I do have a dream car in the form of a Buggatti Veyron which I much covet. Aside from this I am an active internet user and spend much of time on facebook and other social networking sites like MySpace and Twitter.

The social life for Sam Witwicky in the movie is depicted to be very limited. While Sam does strive hard to make new friends, particularly with the opposite sex, his efforts are thwarted by his role and his popularity level in the social circles. Sam is highly unpopular in his high school as he is considered to be an underdog and a geeky individual with eccentric tastes and approach towards life. While he does try to be more mainstream, his family and his background limit his efforts. Similarly I am also not regarded as being a popular individual in my high school. My relationships with the opposite sex have been almost non existent but it has not been due to lack of trying but due to lack of opportunity and presence in the relevant social circles. I have been living my life mostly as a social underdog which best describes my social position in my high school.

My lifestyle has been very minimalist with the computer and the gaming console being the focal point of my life. The internet is an interesting phenomenon which has opened various doors and opportunities for transactions, sharing of multimedia files as well as a medium for communication.  I have an introvert nature and therefore find it much better and comfortable to communicate with people through the internet. As I mentioned earlier the social networking sites that I frequent are MySpace, facebook and Twitter which I use mostly to communicate with the few friends that I do have in my life. As a result the role of technology and the internet in the life of Sam Witwicky is therefore very similar to the role that they have in my life.

The role of the Sam Witwicky in the movie was an instrumental one with him portraying the model underdog character who becomes the hero during the course of the film. Along the way he makes friendships with an alien life form of the Autobots while also finding a kindred spirit in Mikaela Banes. While I do not have such huge ambitions of morphing into a hero or attaining friendships with alien life forms, I do wish to be able to make something of my life. I would like to change my role in the present life from being an underdog to being an individual who is accomplished in terms of their personal as well as professional life.

Conclusively, it can be depicted that in the essay the similarities and differences between me and the character of Sam Witwicky played by Shia LaBeouf were analyzed. The analysis was conducted in terms of the appearance of the Sam Witwicky, his attitude in life, his social life style, his hobbies, interests and habits as well as in terms of the family structure and the role played by Sam Witwicky in the movie. These elements have been compared and analyzed in detail with the characteristics of my life and the specific elements associated with it.


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