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Comparison and Contrast of 1984 and The Hunger Games The two stories 1984 and The Hunger Games both have characters that show briefly, but affect the actions of the main character - Comparison and Contrast of 1984 and the Hunger Games introduction. These characters have many similarities and differences, although they are in different stories. An example character that appears briefly in 1984 is Julia. Similarly, in The Hunger Games, an example would be Prim. In 1984, Julia is very important to the action of Winston Smith. She is a rebel of the Party and also Winston’s lover in the story. This affects Winston in many ways.

Julia acts as an encouragement for Winston to rebel even more. Additionally, Julia assures Winston that there are definitely some people that hates the party or at least betrayed the party, like him. Furthermore, Julia makes Winston feel a little more secure and stronger. In contrast to 1984, The Hunger Games’ character, Prim, has a much stronger influence on Katniss’s actions than Julia’s on Winston. For example, Prim is the reason why Katniss was in the Hunger Games. Her love for Prim caused her to volunteer for the games. She is also one of the many reasons why Katniss tries so hard to win the games.


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Katniss knows that if she doesn’t win the games and go back home, Prim and her mother wouldn’t be able to live because of the poverty and lack of food that face them. These two characters also have similarities among them. Specifically, they are somewhat opposites of their main character. Julia’s rebelling of the Party is more personal; however Winston has this bigger picture of rebelling. Prim doesn’t like hunting; while on the other hand, it is one of Katniss’s strongest skills. These characters are also very dear to the main characters’ hearts.

Katniss loves Prim so much that she wouldn’t want her to get hurt anyway, which is shown in Katniss’s decision to volunteer as a tribute and to not allow Prim to take any tesseraes. Winston loves Julia enough to relocate to a new home with her, and to sleep with her even though it did started out as just an act of rebellion. Prim and Julia have very important roles in the action of the main characters, Katniss and Winston. They both show that the main characters’ have a quality of love and loyalty. In addition, they are both opposites of their main characters and they increase their main characters’ hate of their superiors.

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