Comparison and Contrast of Hilary Faye and Grandpa Herman - Comparison Essay Example

Comparison and Contrast of Hilary Faye and Grandpa Herman

            People who have high regard for religion or salvation as well as social standards are two characters worth comparing - Comparison and Contrast of Hilary Faye and Grandpa Herman introduction. Such is the case in the characters portrayed by Hilary Faye in the 2004 movie Saved and Grandpa Herman in the 1997 book of Sheri Reynolds titled “The Rapture of Canaan.” The two characters are generally similar because they both have respective inclinations in life such as religious belief for Grandpa Herman and adherence to ethical or moral norms for Faye, played by actress Mandy Moore in the film. However, Faye and Grandpa Herman are totally different because the former is a true person who showed her sincere conflict with her friend while the latter manifested hypocrisy in dealing with his church people.


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            When her friend Mary blindly saved her boyfriend Dean from being gay by offering herself and eventually being pregnant, Faye is a picture of a sincere person when she ended their friendship and made Mary an outcast of the society. The action of Faye is an honest and spontaneous reaction of a friend who viewed that nobody is to be blame for what her friend  has become but Mary herself. Faye is no hypocrite when she dropped Mary as her friend based from her personal perspective that Mary’s action was totally uncalled for or illogical. What really Faye wanted to achieve was for Mary to realize her fault and the idea that treating her friend that way will ultimately save her from eventual destruction.

            The character of Grandpa Herman, on the other hand, is a total contrast with Faye. This is because the old man blindly leads his church people with the idea that their salvation will only be achieved if they follow him and be a member of the Church of Fire and Brimstone and God’s Almighty Baptizing Wind (Reynolds 258). In fact, Grandpa Herman is a depiction of insincere person who creates rules for everybody to obey, even if these are against their will. Hence, whatever insincerities and false beliefs that Grandpa Herman teach, there will still be people in his church who will disobey him and follow their own will such as Ninah and her prayer partner James. His statements that they would run out of food (Reynolds 65), that evil multitudes would come to them and cut their limbs but they would not die (65) and that they would go straight to heaven if they open their hearts to Jesus (65) are all untrue because he is living in full of lies (Reynolds).

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Reynolds, Sheri. The Rapture of Canaan. Madison, New York: Berkley Books, 1997.


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