Comparison and Critique

Question1: What makes `evidence based therapies` different from the others?

Unlike other therapies, these therapies highly value the expertise and personality qualities of the therapist as opposed to particular procedures and or components set to be used in therapy - Comparison and Critique introduction? To this effect, patients are enabled to attain a satisfactory level of recognition of their self potential for personal direction rather than being fundamentally tailored to this using established codes or techniques. Further, this therapy perceives symptomatic changes as resulting indirectly from exploration of evolving ideas, schemes or unconscious beliefs or objectives. To them, Scarf (2008) shows that maladaptive patterns are the ones that need to be corrected. Finally, this therapy’s resultant patterns also differ from those of other therapies in the sense that they are characterized by improved self esteem, self identity, and better management of feelings, greater ego-strength and an increased urge to live a peaceful life.

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Question 2: What was your favorite therapeutic technique discussed in this course, and why. Be specific.

I like the Adlerin theory because it is a growth model that shows us that as human beings we can shape our own destiny by controlling our fate as opposed to being victims to the same. It also explores the importance of setting goals and teaches me that this practice and determination are prime motivators in life. This implies that we are the sole determinants of what we want in life as well as how we deal with the responsibilities that come by. In addition, this theory encourages me to learn from my mistakes and move on to attain the ultimate rank of superiority and success. Since I am one person who really needs encouragement to pursue anything, this theory has been very essential to me.


Scharf, R. (2008). Psychotherapy: Models and Methods. (4th Edition) USA: Thomson Brooks


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