Comparison assessment beetween Miss Trunchbull and Mrs Honey

In ‘Matilda’ the manager clearly shows the contrast between Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey. Even though they portion the same occupation occupation their features contrast wholly. For illustration the behavior of the two instructors is dissimilar. The manager uses a scope of techniques to convey this. Roald Dahl chooses the instructors name specifically to reflect that character. This sets up an outlook. to the audience. of the character’s function and personality in the movie. Miss Trunchbull’s name can be dispersed into two words. ‘Trunch’ can be associated with the word ‘Truncheon’ . A violent. harmful. dominant arm as a consequence the audience may construe her as a violent individual and sets up an outlook of her character. ‘Bull’ is an animate being that behaves sharply. It loses its temper easy and is really strong and dominant. This reflects on Miss Trunchbull’s character and leaves the audience a beginning to judge upon what function she plays in the movie. However this is non the instance with Miss Honey. The intensions associated with her name are wholly opposite to that of Miss Trunchbull. ‘Honey’ is a sweet substance and is taken as a dainty ; therefore her name has intensions of Sweet and delightful. Others may construe her as a pushover.

Normally you relate sort. sweet people as pushovers because they don’t have the assurance to stand up for themselves The histrion that plays Miss Honey clearly displays Miss Honey’s behavior. so that it contrasts to the Behaviour of Miss Trunchbull. Miss Honey’s behavior is nervous and timid and is conveyed in her playing. It is conveyed by her groping her fingers and gazing at the floor. When Miss Honey walks into Miss Trunchbull’s office her organic structure linguistic communication is distinct. She looks at the floor and fumbles her fingers bespeaking that she is uncomfortable and doesn’t feel welcome. The audience observe that she is the less dominant because of her displayed organic structure linguistic communication. Others may construe her organic structure linguistic communication as frightened and afraid of Miss Trunchbull.

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Miss Honey’s head down may bespeak that she is seeking to conceal from Miss Trunchbull and feels intimidated by her. Unlike Miss Honey. Miss Trunchbull’s behavior is intimidating and mean. It is shown through many cardinal ways such as her pace. position and address. When Miss Honey comes to talk to her on behalf of Matilda. her position is a critical manner that she shows the audience that this is her district. She rolled back shoulders and consecutive masculine weaponries with shut legs shows that she is confident. In comparing with Miss Honey there is a large difference. Straight weaponries compared to groping fingers shows a clear contrast in their confident. Miss Trunchbull’s address is a cardinal music director of her mean. intimidating behavior.

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