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Comparison Chart and Response Questions Sample

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Use textual support from the verse forms and your reading in this lesson to make full in the left and right columns of the chart for both verse forms. “Song—To the Men of England”

“Land of Hope and Glory”Iambic tetrameter

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Comparison Chart and Response Questions Sample
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AABBMeter ( Iambic pentameter, Iambic hexameter, for illustration )

Rhyme strategy ( use letters to place the form )Iambic hexameter and Iambic tetrameter

ABABCDCD“Wherefore, Bees of England forge”

“Trace your grave and construct your tomb”

“For the Godheads who lay ye low? ”Poetic Devicess:Metaphor

Imagery ( graphic linguistic communication depicting the five senses )

Hyperbole ( hyperbole to back up a point )England is described as “Mother of the Free” and become ”mightier yet” in the first stanza

“As Ocean big and wide”

“Thy celebrity is ancient as the days”

“Wherefore weave with labor and care the rich robes your autocrats have on? ”Dominant Wordss and Phrases“Thine Empire shall be strong.

Thy celebrity is ancient as the days”Don’t let the upper category oppress youTheme ( author’s message )Already made it or achieved the ends but there are improbably more to come and to accomplish In the seventeenth century to the nineteenth century, societal system had dominated England.

Land ownership and line of descent determined people’s category ranking ( high and low category ) . They lacked a middle-class until the 1800s. Historical Connections

England’s imperium has grown and because of it it’s strong. In the tenth century, England was a fighting state until the nineteenth century where they gained power.

Response QuestionsUse complete sentences and textual support for each response. In eight to 10 sentences, compare the “Bees of England” metaphor in Shelley’s verse form to the metaphor of England as “Mother to the Free” in Benson’s verse form. The metaphor “Bees of England” is one of the easiest metaphors to understand. When Shelley means by bees, he is mentioning to people that really works. He refers them as bees because they do difficult labour for the upper category. In fact, the chief ground is that bees work nonstop until they die. Besides in the verse form includes how the upper category is merely similar male bees that does nil but mate. The metaphor “Mother of the free” refers to the land of England as a female parent that provides. What it provides is freedom to people there which the word “free” is approximately. The difference between these two metaphors is that one has more sense than the other. “Bees of England” is truly apprehensible since its speaking about people and they are the same as bees. While “Mother to the free is about the land and what it provides to the people.

In 8-10 sentences, compare the methods the two poets use to stress their enthusiasm toward their position of England. Benson’s verse form is about the land and Shelley’s verse form is about the different categories at that place. The methods being used in Shelley’s verse form to stress his enthusiasm toward his position is by utilizing the Iambic tetrameter and the rhyme strategy of AABB. The rhyme strategy of AABB makes the verse form a vocal like lyric character which it’s more accessible to people and less rational. Besides the method that’s included is the type of tone being used. The tone of the verse form is condescending which encourages readers to lift up. In the verse form of Land of Hope and Glory, Benson used some methods to do the verse form the manner it supposed to be. In the verse form he used Iambic hexameter and Iambic tetrameter and ABABCDCD rhyme strategy. The rhyme strategy makes the poem lyrical in a sense. The tone in which he includes in the verse form is loyal which so motivates the readers besides. Both of these verse forms are lyrical but, at the same clip they have different significances and methods presented. Both verse forms have motivational significances.

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