Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

Republican Party
Green Party
The party believes that the unborn child already has an inherent right to life - Comparison Chart introduction. Thus, they support the banning of abortion via constitutional amendment, they refuse funding to any individual or organization that supports abortion and stand against government funded abortions, and they support judges that are “pro-life”. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
The party believes that the woman’s right to her own body is inalienable. Therefore, they support the option and availability of safe and legal abortion as well as the inclusion of provisions for government funded abortions in the health care system. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
Immigration Issues
The party believes that foreigners entering the country to work should all be properly documented for the protection of the country and its citizens. Thus, they support strict immigration laws and are against any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants under the belief that it will just encourage more illegal immigration. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
The party believes that even illegal immigrants have due rights and should not be treated like criminals. They further believe that there are many people who flee to the country in extremely impoverished and terrified conditions. Therefore, the party is against any repressive legislation that targets undocumented immigrants. In 2006, the party supported the May 1st strike for Immigrant rights. (Green Party, 2008)
Gun Control
The party believes that every individual has a right to protect oneself by owning and bearing firearms. Therefore, the party supports gun ownership and is against any legislation that would seek to limit the abilities of “honest” citizens of the country to own and bear arms. The party is also against federal licensing of law-abiding gun owners because this is a violation of privacy. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
While the party also upholds the individual’s right to own and bear arms, it believes that this should be done under close federal supervision. Thus, the party upholds the Brady Bill which requires a federal background check with every gun purchase. The party also supports better gun control policies that would inevitably limit the right to bear arms. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
War on Iraq
The party believes that the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had the capability to launch weapons of mass destruction on the U.S. and intended to do so. Thus, they support the U.S. invasion of Iraq. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
The party believes that large-scale conflict with Iraq would simply result to more violence and make the world a more dangerous place for everyone. They also believe that an attack on Iraq is illegal. Therefore, they were in strong opposition against the U.S.-led war on Iraq and the following U.S. occupation on the said country. (Green Party, 2008)
Homeland Security
The party believes that there are existing dangers of terrorism that are serious risks that should be addressed. Thus, they strongly support actions on multiple fronts in protecting the country and its citizens. They are in support of the Patriot Act which they believe would give law enforcement agencies information that are necessary for tracking down terrorists before they can do damage. (OnTheIssues, 2008)
The party believes that the problem of terrorism cannot be solved by spending more on military interventions. Rather, they believe that the problem can be solved by improving international relations and strengthening multilateral economic policies. Thus, they believe that more funding for Homeland Security projects are a non-necessity. They also reject the Patriot Act and believe that it is “warrantless spying” that violates people’s rights to privacy (Green Party, 2008).

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            The two parties are very different from one another in terms of how they stand on the issues presented. It is interesting to note that while both parties may uphold a common value, they contradict the same value given certain circumstances. For example, both parties uphold the individual’s right to privacy. However, the Republicans uphold this in opposition to federal gun licensing which the Greens support while the Greens uphold this in opposition to the Patriot Act which the Republicans support. I consider myself to be a democrat-leaning moderate when it comes to politics and so I am more inclined to go with the Green Party’s stances on almost all of the issues except in Homeland security wherein I believe that sufficient military action should be taken by the government in order to protect its citizens from elements of terrorism. However, I do not completely agree with the Patriot Act as well and believe that a less intrusive system would be better. I believe that public opinion greatly affects how parties form their platforms basically because parties arise from public opinion. A party is made up of people who generally believe in the same ways of solving a problem and so if no one else believes with them, the party is likely to fall. Hence, I believe that my own opinions are important because they are the basis for which party’s candidates I would be more inclined to vote for during elections.

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