Comparison Essay - Part 2


          There is a great similarity in the last test of Christ and the gospel written by Saint Mark - Comparison Essay introduction. In the last test Christ rebukes Satan and also denounces the pleasures n power over the world which is held by Satan. This act of Jesus is justified by his actions of curing the  diseased, bringing to life the dead, and his teachings in the gospel of Saint Mark.

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  After the baptism of  Jesus Christ, God; the Father sent Holy Spirit  to him. The Spirit then  sent Christ to be tested by Satan for forty days. There Christ fasted for forty days and was tested by Satan  on all perceived needs of human’s mind, that of compassion, passion, love hatred acceptance of loved ones and the drives of hunger and sex.

     Last of all Christ was tempted to be the lord of the world and to be equivalent to God; The Almighty. Christ then rebukes Satan saying, “Go away Satan! The scripture says, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve only him!” in the gospel of saint Matthews, chapter 13 verses 25 and 26, when Satan asks Christ to bow to him to get the reigns of the world in his hands.

    When Christ shove evil spirits out of many men, who had suffered for years some who did not like Christ said that he was the  king of the evil spirits so the listened to him. Jesus justified his authority given by God; the Father saying that the devil would not ask his followers to leave he would be pleased if they trouble the people of God.  Jesus also answered the Pharisees when they questioned his disciples on plucking corn on Sabbath day to eat and Christ justified it by quoting David’s incidence from the scripture that it was fine to do so for hunger.

   In the whole of Saint Mark’s gospel Jesus teaches the ways to deal with problems and test to which men fall like diseases, financial crises, social dogma, incomprehension of religion, traumas given by evil spirits and also the evils caused due to excess of money. It deals with all these  problems of men and provides with solutions given by Christ during his life on the earth.

    The gospel of Saint Mark in comparison to Christ’s last test is found to be a hand book or manual to deal with such temptations as to which Jesus Christ was subjected to by Satan.

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