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Comparison Essay on Poets

            Essay is rooted in human experience, revelatory of the author’s taste, opinions, moods and personality while Poets is an image-maker, one who reinforces his thoughts, evolves his own form and provide with a means of qualifying his emotion, rational and conceptual.


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         Essay and poets presents well-expressed ideas or feelings and communication. It expresses in a different sense that appealing to all. Both provide the experience of enjoying “perceptible forms expressive of human feeling” (S. Langer). Feeling refers to a whole range of meaning from the physical sensation to sensibility or sensitiveness to the feelings of others, to emotions or attitudes which could be both cognitive and affective.

         People take essay and poets to study, observe and enriched and also learn moral insight. For the efforts and rapturously alive and wondrously visible in hearts and minds that know and deeply understand. It reveals both the taste, opinions, moods and ideas.

         Under Essay and Poets are artistically, imaginative the best of man’s thoughts and feelings. It expresses any emotion or phase of life, the innermost and the varieties as consciousness, naturalistic, romantic, realistic and sentimental. . Slice of  life to entertain, makes people feel and think and also the values inevitably leaving.

         For the beauty and creative magic of the words that will visible to human relationships (St. Exupery). In other words the similarities of essay and poets is that they allows us to see and feel what we want us to see and feel. Developing experienced in the recent past or still experiencing today like many good things in life such as truth and beauty when we comes face to face with the truth and beauty. That we get to know not only the skill but also on sensibilities and openness in a very real sense life just as much as illuminates life.

Lastly, all these revealed the works of the writers and the essay, to sees the world and seizes upon an aspect of reality. Meaning essay and poets have the same ideas, objectives and goals.

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