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Comparison of energy consumption

Seeing the high consumption rates of electricity in student residences at the university, I decided to try to counteract this harmful trend and see the impact of information about high usage rates on people’s minds - Comparison of energy consumption introduction. With this purpose in view, I sent out a message asking people to reduce their energy consumption. The effect of the message was not as expected since the consumption of energy actually increased in comparison to the period predating the sending of the message. Thus, the analysis of the electric meter readings August 2nd, 2005 to October 5th, 2005 shows that the average weekly consumption in this period equaled roughly 6460 kWhs. At the same time, in the period following the receipt of the message by residents, consumption demonstrated by the electric meter readings March 23 2007 to March 29 2007 was 9292.25 kWhs. However, the usage rates obtained during one week in the colder time of the year when daylight is less in duration may not be representative of the actual trends.


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According to Frontier Center for Public Policy (2003), the average person in Canada consumes about 17.76 MWH of power per year. We can arrive at a rough estimate of the consumption in St. John University by taking the average of 6460 kWhs/week and multiplying the result of 52 weeks per year, which yields 335,923 MWH of power per year. Therefore, the consumption of energy in St. John considerably exceeds the national average. In fact, it is about 19 times higher. The most probable explanation for that is uncontrollable use of power and lack of adequate financial compensation for usage.


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