Comparison of Ford and Chevy Essay

Comparison of Ford and Chevy

Most of the people prefer to drive Ford over Chevy - Comparison of Ford and Chevy Essay introduction. There is loyalty amongst the customers of Ford and Chevy. Ford and Chevy are in a close competition. People believe that Ford is better compared to Chevy in many aspects. When comparing Ford Mustang with Chevy Camaro, Mustang will out perform Camaro when speed is considered. The customers of Camaro do not seem to be extra ordinarily convinced by the new design of Camaro.

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Ford pickups are available in different varieties and sizes ranging from large trucks to small trucks. Ford has a range of variety of trucks including full size trucks, small, large trucks for heavy duty hauling. Chevy also has similar variety of trucks but when we rate safety, Ford is little better compared to Chevy models.

Minivans are offered by both Ford and Chevy with ample amount of room. Ford Windstar and Chevy Venture provide a lot of room but Ford Windstar is considered to be more stylish and has greater number of features.

Ford provides another model called Ford Escape where Chevy is not able to compete. The escape is providing with a very good mileage of 24 miles per gallon. Escape is a good vehicle for those who need ample room, good gas mileage and pleasure of drive.

Price is the major concern for purchasing the used or new cars. Most of the customers prefer price as their first preference when purchasing the car. New vehicles are expensive to buy and both the Chevy and Ford compete of price. Ford dealers match the price or provide a better deal to their customers if customers quote the prices of similar Chevy models.

One major problem of Chevy pointed out was that Chevy follows the strategies of Ford instead of coming up with new and innovative developments.

Ford Motor is currently the market leader of the sport/utility market. The most certain factor that rates Ford Expedition over Chevy Tahoe is size. The expedition has more interior room and is a little longer than Tahoe. Both the models provide a large amount of cargo space. Expedition customers are provided with more comfort because seats are more comfortable, supportive and firm. Whereas visibility is concerned Chevy is better because Chevy’s front seat provide a clear and unobstructed rear view. Visibility problems of Ford expedition make it difficult to park.

When highway drive is considered, Chevy is far better than Ford. Chevy has an on –center dead spot in the steering that makes highway drive almost effort less. Both the models have almost similar interior features that include whistles, music systems, cruise control, overhead consoles, power windows, etc. Ford is better and appealing when aesthetic feature of the dashboard is compared.

Exterior is an important and subjective matter, Chevy Tahoe is considered to better, clean, crispy and finer looking vehicle compared to Ford. Both the Tahoe and Expedition are providing with safety features like anti-lock brakes, dual airbags, and child-proof rear door locks. (Wardlaw, C. 2000)

The different factors make both Chevy Tahoe and Ford Explorer appealing for the customers. The Tahoe offers a pleasurable, powerful drive with ease especially on highways. Ford Expedition is a tight, modern, stylish, and spacious and has an aesthetic interior.


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