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Comparison of Service Quality of Tnt Express and Dhl Express with Rater Dim

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Comparison of service quality of TNT express and DHL express with RATER dimensions The quality level of service provided by TNT Express and DHL Express in China could be described within the RATER dimensions of service quality. Samples and numbers are provided below to evaluate the quality of their service. Reliability Based on TNT Express annual report 2011, the service quality in that year has achieved an all time high with a 96% on-time delivery performance for the one million daily deliveries that the customers entrusted.

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Comparison of Service Quality of Tnt Express and Dhl Express with Rater Dim
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Actually, it is impressed that China National Post Bureau released a statistics that TNT Express had zero complaint in the last six months of 2011. However, we found DHL Express has higher complaint rate in China according to the report of China National Post Bureau. Although DHL Express has delivered the shipments on schedule most of the times, customer complaints are more or less reduced its reliability level. Assurance Assurance is the main point that the two company should try their best to develop.

TNT Express said their objective is to offer its customers excellent service.

To achieve that goal, it adheres to strict quality standards, such as ISO 9001. In 2011, 89% of all the operations department were working under ISO9001 certified standards; this number increased 4% than the coverage of 85% in 2010. In comparison, it is shown on DHL Express’s annual report that all the European parts of DHL Express have been ISO 9001-certified, but it does not mention whether their service systems have been certified outside Europe. Comparing another interesting number, Workplace accidents in DHL Express occurred 12,829 times in 2011, with 2 fatal accidents (the number in 2010 is 0).

It is a surprise that fatal accidents in TNT Express reached 34 times in 2011 (involved with TNT employees). For this reason, a lower mark should be given. Tangibles According to Supply Chain Management Review (U. S-based business management magazine, the survey till August 21, 2012), DHL Express remains the market leader of international express players in Mainland China. Its global express network has about 100,000 employees and 250 planes, serving more than 220 countries and regions with 31,000 vehicles and 34,000 service points.

Customers’ shipments are easily distributed all over the world through its network. On the other hand, tangibles of TNT Express are smaller. It employs over 75,000 people for their global operation; they own 47 jet freighter aircrafts and 26,000 vehicles running in 200 countries. Especially in China, TNT put efforts to raise their tangibles, after obtained the HP project and serving the Chengdu branch of Foxconn company, TNT Express bought new Boeing 747 freighter and dedicated the airfreight service connecting Chongqing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Empathy Caring about customers specialized attention, DHL Express offers breadth of optional services, Such as insurance, packaging, dangerous cargo transportation, carbon neutral transportation, and Saturday delivery. Moreover, when the receiver is not at the address given on the waybill, DHL Express will arrange for repeat delivery attempts until the shipment is successfully delivered for customer or hold the shipments to shipper’s order until the consignee is ready to collect.

TNT Express also provides strong support to customers’ individual needs. Apart from insurance, packaging and dangerous cargo transportation, they focus more on delivery timeliness. For example, TNT Express is more confident at urgent delivery for fresh and clinical cargo, which requires extra care for punctual and transportation in temperature controlled environment. Responsiveness In the perspective of responsiveness, either of DHL Express and TNT Express prompts their services to customers in good willingness.

Typically, when a customer wants to ship documents or package, there are always two ways to make appointments: make a free phone call to their service hotline or send the ship order online by smartphone or computer. Afterwards, in a short time, their employee will arrive at your door to pick up the shipment. Both of the two express service provider offer cargo-tracking service, which is easy for the customer to track cargo through Internet or phone. With this function, real-time details of the shipment’s progress are offered as it speeds through the express network on the way to its destination.

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