Comparison of the concept of the Hmong and American cultures

Comparison of the concept of the Hmong and American cultures.

Hmong people are basically of the Chinese origin. Their ethnic groups number fifty six (56).These people were initially enslaved by the Chinese, they however managed to escape. The tonal language of the Hmong is similar. They however have different languages (Tiffany king)

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Their individual language determines their way of dressing. However, generally speaking, women wear leggings while men wear baggy pants, a code heavily borrowed from the Japanese.

This group of people believes in animism and ancestor worship. However, since the missionaries arrived, most of the Hmong people have now converted to Christianity.

Marriage in this culture is sacred and divorce is never an option. All the same, those from the Hmong tribe who migrated to America are now opting for divorce when the marriage proves difficult.

            On the other hand, American culture is very diverse. This is because America has people from many other different cultures and languages living together. These migrants moved to America because of the availability of land where they settled (Richard parker, Kennedy school).  America can therefore be viewed a multicultural community within which there are many types of communities .The second world war helped cement the bond between the different cultures since they were fighting for a common goal (Eisenach)

Religion in America is hence quite diverse; this may be because of the settle of many different missionaries in America.


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