Competency Demonstration Report Essay

My second job was in Abul Khair Steel Products Ltd - Competency Demonstration Report Essay introduction. (a sister concern of Abul Khair Group of Industries) as an Assistant Engineer(operation) from April 2008 to till now. I am working here for about 12 months. The project is about to increase the kettle life and to improve the quality of the product. My work place was at the corrugated iron sheet production plant located at madambibirhat about 30 km north from the port city Chittagong. B.Background: CE 2.2

Abul khair Steel Products Ltd is a sister concern of Abul Khair Group of Industry in Bangladesh. It is the largest corrugated iron sheet manufacturing industry in Bangladesh. It was a US 100$ million project on 100 acre land area. BRONX INTERNATIONAL from AUSTRAILIA was the contractor company to set up this plant. They brought the equipment from Australia. The Australian engineers and the Bangladeshi engineers worked together for installation and commission the plant machineries.

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# Project Objective: CE 2.3

1. To reach the daily production goal and to maintain production schedule. 2.To maintain various parameters of the NOF (Non-Oxide Furnace), Quenching tank, water supply, chromic solution temperature in order to obtain conformity in the finished products. 3.To optimize the consumption of various consumables like Lead, Zinc, Aluminium at the galvanizing pot as well as to ensure the desired quality of products. 4To implement and keep chronological records of preventive as well as corrective maintenance works. 5To oversee the stock of spare parts and ensure Optimum utilization of man, machine & material. 6To ensure required Nitrogen gas supply to the NOF (Non-Oxidizing Furnace) and to carry out the maintenance of the Nitrogen gas plant. 7To minimize delay time.

# Organizational structure for the company is as follows: CE 2.4

# Duties & Responsibilities: CE 2.5
I worked in three phases. I worked in the erection of the non oxidize furnace at continuous galvanizing line unit. I worked in the commissioning period and production as well. The Indian company Hypertherm Technology was assigned to set up the non oxidize furnace. In erection period I worked on behalf of my company to oversee project works of Hypertherm. In commission period I fixed up various parameters like pressure, temperature, tension limits by trial production. During commercial production I used to operate entire system by a central computer consisting SCADA software and connected with PLC.I used to prepare and submit production report to my superior. I had some additional duties like conducting training classes, maintaining MSDS and implement managerial plan or decision. C. Personal Workplace Activity:

# Reason of project initiating: CE 2.6
During the time of my joining the erection of non oxidize furnace was going on. I was involved with that erection. After completion of the erection work, the continuous galvanizing line was handed over from Hypertherm to Abul Khair Steel and the Indian engineers left Bangladesh. Then I used to oversee the another continuous galvanizing line which also contains non oxidize fuenace as well. I performed round the clock shifting duty to run the line by a central computer consisting SCADA software connected with a PLC.I had a group of operator to run the line. # Technical Details of the Work: CE 2.7

There was a kettle leakage at the month of four. My superior assigned me to increase the galvanizing kettle life. Then I studied the manual which was provided by the BRONX INTERNATIONAL.I studied about the material and their percentage in the kettle. There were ,zinc, aluminium, antimony, tin lead, in the kettle. I measured percentage and everything was found up to the mark except aluminium. The aluminum percentage was 2.3% to 2.4%.But the aluminium is very harmful for kettle. The aluminium percentage should be 0.3% to 0.4% according to the manual. The reason of increased aluminium was that, they were using recovery zinc without any measurement. There was a concept that the recovery zinc is full of zinc. But I told to my boss that recovery zinc contains aluminium as well. Because recovery zinc is produced from dross.

Though there is also other material like aluminium, lead etc., then t told them to use the recovery zinc in proper amount by keeping the aluminium percentage 0.3% to 0.4%.Then I noticed that the operator were not cleaning the bottom dross properly. According to the manual heat transfer is interrupted from lead layer to zinc layer due to the formation of bottom dross, which used to increase the temperature of the lower part of the kettle. Which was also a major reason of kettle leakage. Then I suggested them to clear bottom dross regularly. I made a schedule to clear the bottom dross at least three times in each shift. After taking these steps the pot was running successfully for 6.5 months. # Ability to interact with people in other disciplines: CE 2.8 The main departments of our unit were electrical, mechanical, production and quality assurance. We always tried to shared our knowledge among us.

We tried to find out the solution by our engineering knowledge. Due to that our knowledge about engineering problem was enhanced. I worked closely with other professionals like chemist, business administrator, accountant, marketing officer. To ensure optimum quality I had to maintain regular contact with the quality assurance department. they provided me information about the physical property of our raw material, so that I could fix up production parameters to achieve optimum quality. During production period I always tried to meet the production target provided by the supply chain department. To achieve the target I used to change production parameters as per required target.

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