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Competitive Advantage – Case Study

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Case Study: The Broadway Cafe In this assignment you will work in a group of 3 or 4 students (all group members MUST be from the same tutorial group) and undertake an information systems case study. The case study aims to have you apply the skills and knowledge you have developed in information systems theory, systems modelling, systems types, business processes, impacts, and so on, to a real situation. You will use a Web 2. 0 tool – a business wiki – to develop and submit your assignment.

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Competitive Advantage – Case Study
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This may involve modeling the work/business processes in the situation, describing various scenarios of use, stakeholder identification, attributes and needs, preparing some models, such as rich pictures and process models, evaluating web pages etc.

You will need to:

  • Produce a business wiki that includes answers to the assignment questions;
  • Present the interesting findings of your assignment to your tutorial class; and
  • Use a Moodle forum as groupware to assist your group in collaborating on the project, and reflect on your experience of how the groupware supported you in the assignment.

Assignment Brief This assignment will be based on the case study provided by Baltzan et al at http://www. cohesioncase. com– the Broadway Cafe. You will work on this case study to help bring all of the ISO unit concepts together. We start by pretending that you have inherited your grandfather’s coffee shop that started in 1952 and still operates like it is 1952! Your group needs to bring the cafe into the 21st century. It will require that you apply a true business approach to solving issues with IS/IT and allowing you to work hands-on with many of the concepts covered in the unit, such as:

  • How to gain competitive advantage;
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);
  • e-business; and
  • Software Development processes.

Note that you may need to make some assumptions about the nature of the work in the Broadway Cafe in order to complete some aspects of this assignment (based on your own experience of cafes). It is acceptable to make such assumptions, however they should all be properly documented in your wiki. For example, you could assume that your Cafe has a special function room.

You may even like to visit some real cafes to build up your knowledge. Assignment Questions Your group needs to develop a business wiki. Your wiki should include the following: Part 1 – Internal and External data Remember that an organisation creates and uses both internal and external data. Identify 5 categories of internal data and 5 categories of external data and discuss how that data is relevant to the Broadway Cafe. Part 2 – Stakeholders Describe the main business activities of the Broadway Cafe and the stakeholders.

This Should Include:

  • a general description of the Broadway Cafe and its primary activities, using Alter’s work system framework;
  • a rich picture focussing on the human activity system (HAS) aspects of the Broadway Cafe and the concerns of the key stakeholders; and
  • a more complete description of the key stakeholders, including why they are stakeholders, their concerns, and their relationships with other stakeholders.

Part 3 – Competitive Advantage Part of your job in bringing the cafe into the 21st century is to position it for competitive advantage. Using the diagram at http://www. cohesioncase. com/cc_diagram. tml, click on Competitive Advantage and do the Business Dilemma exercise.

Part 4 – E-business and Collaboration It is also important to have your new cafe use an e-business model. Using the diagram at http://www. cohesioncase. com/cc_diagram. html, select one question from the following (this allows you to select a question that is relevant to your diploma/degree course):

  • e-business – Making Business Decisions II;
  • CRM – Making Business Decisions II;
  • SCM – Making Business Decisions I;
  • ERP – Making Business Decisions 1;
  • Collaboration – Business Dilemma;
  • Business Intelligence – Making Business Decisions I.

Part 5 – Effective use of Wikis As this assignment is focused on developing a wiki similar to that used in real organisations, this part requires you to do the following for the Broadway Cafe: Create two FAQ pages (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • One for customers; and
  • Once for employees.

You need to think about the normal questions that customers might ask of a cafe and put the questions and the answers on the FAQ. Likewise for employees – what are the normal questions they might ask, and what should the answers be? You need a minimum of 4 questions with answers for each of the FAQ pages.

Create a customer feedback page. Once created, this page will allow your tutor to pose as a customer of the cafe. They will post three questions with the following themes:

  1. A compliment related to the customer’s experience at your cafe;
  2. A complaint related to the customer’s experience at your cafe; and

A general question about the cafe. Once your tutor has posed the questions, you are to answer them and you will be marked on how you respond to the questions.

Create a meeting wiki page. Meeting wiki pages are used to call meetings, document the agenda, and the minutes (outcomes) of the meeting. For a minimum of two (2) of your group meetings you are to create a sub-page on your meeting wiki page that includes:

  • date, time, and location of the meeting;
  • agenda for the meeting;
  • who was present at the meeting;
  • the record of the meeting (outcomes, action items and so on).

Assignment Assessment and Activities This assignment is worth 25% of the marks for IS in Organisations. There are four activities your group needs to fulfil.

  • Create the business wiki – (75 marks) Your business wiki should include the following sections:
  • Executive Summary – a short summary of the findings in the wiki
  • Assumptions – any assumptions your group made concerning the Broadway Cafe
  • Introduction – should state purpose of the wiki and overview of the wiki sections
  •  Analysis – sections detailing your answers to parts 1 to 5
  • Conclusion – should summarise the results any analysis you have done and be linked to the purpose stated in the introduction * References – should use the author-date style for all references.

Each page should have its own references included where necessary (similar to Wikipedia) The contents of the wiki should be easily accessible through links and set up for ease of use. Diagrams, charts and pictures will need to be loaded into your group’s database for linking to the wiki pages. 12 marks are for the layout, format, executive summary and references. 63 marks are for the introduction, the analysis and conclusion.

You will also share the more interesting findings of your work on this assignment with the class in a brief presentation during the lecture time in week 12 (separate rooms for each tutorial group). Presentations should be a maximum of 10 minutes, involve all team members and be supported by visual material such as PowerPoint, overhead projector slides or a handout. Marks will be awarded for presentation style, quality of materials and content, and the level of cooperation between team members. See the Assessment Criteria sheet for more details. Use the Groupware Moodle forum- (10 marks)

One of the aims of this assignment is that you gain some experience with working in a group and using a Web 2. 0 tool and a groupware product. Therefore you must be in a group and use a Moodle forum in addition to your wiki to support your teams work and the discussion there will be examined (2 marks). A Group Forum will be created for all your group members to exchange information, ideas, and documents. 4. Conduct Group Meetings (no specific marks for the assignment but necessary to complete Part 5) Your group will need to meeting regularly to perform tasks necessary for the successful completion of your assignment.

These tasks include but are not limited to: 

  • choose options to answer for parts 3 and 4;
  • allocate work to group members; and
  • discuss issues

You will need to arrange the time and place for these meetings with your group members. Referencing requirements:  use the “author-date” or “Harvard” system of referencing for both printed and electronic documents. This style is described in detail in the Citation Guide available at: http://www. canberra. edu. au/library/research-gateway/research_help/referencing-guides Check List: This is a major assignment.

Your team will need to work together to complete it. To help guide your team there is a check list of activities and milestones for the assignment attached. Your group should finish the tasks according to the schedule in to finish the assignment on time. Submission requirements: The final presentation:Tutorial Week 12 in room TBA. Completed wiki:Friday 11:55pm Week 12 on Moodle Printed cover sheet: Friday 11:55 pm Week 12 in Greg Bergsma’s assignment box 217 in Building 11 level B (outside UC College Reception). All group members must sign the cover sheet (available on Moodle).

Marks will not be given without a completed cover sheet. Each group member should be familiar with the final wiki as a study aid for the final exam as it brings together many of the concepts covered in the unit. The final exam may ask questions that can be answered with information you have included in this assignment. Group Assignment Check List Assignment Check List week 7 In the lab class this week you should do all of the following:

  • Joined a group (all group members MUST be from the same tutorial group).
  • Know who is in your group.
  • Know contact details for your group members (your tutor will check to see that you each have each other’s contact details).
  • Read through the assignment sheet to see what needs to be done.
  • Divide up the work for the assignment.
  • Provide an info sheet to your tutor with the answers to 2 and 5
  • Worked through the Wiki lab requirements

You will show your tutor your work during the lab time so they can see that you are on track to complete your assignment.

Assignment Check List Week 8

During this week you should do all of the following:

  • Analyse the nature of the internal and external information that is relevant to the Broadway Cafe.
  • Work out the stakeholders of the Broadway Cafe (week 1 classes)
  • Drawn a rich picture for the Broadway Cafe (week 2 classes) Assignment Check List week 9 During this week you should do all of the following:
  • Described the key stakeholders in more detail
  • Work out the main activities and business processes of the Broadway Cafe and show them in Alter’s work system framework Assignment

Check List Week 10

During this week you should do all of the following:

  • Complete the question related to Competitive Advantage (assignment part 3)
  • Complete the question related to e-Business (assignment part 4)
  • Assignment Check List week 11 During this week you should do all of the following:
  • Completed the FAQs, Customer Feedback, and Meeting wiki pages (assignment part 5)

Prepare Your Presentation

  • Your presentation is based on your executive summary page.
  • The presentation is NOT just a reading or showing of your whole wiki.
  • Assignment Check List week 12 During this week you should do all of the following:
  • Practise your presentation – remember you have a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Review your Wiki to ensure it is complete and meets all the requirements
  • Give your presentation during your tutorial class 20. Made sure your references are included in your wiki

Cite this Competitive Advantage – Case Study

Competitive Advantage – Case Study. (2016, Oct 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/competitive-advantage-case-study/

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