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Competitive Analysis of Mix1 and Other Products Essays

Competitive Analysis of Mix1 and Other Products

I-                   Product Analysis

            There are mainly two types of healthfood present in the market that could be considered competitors for Mix1 as a product being sold as both nutritional supplement or alternative meal replacement and these are the health drinks or beverages and health foodbars being sold by other companies. An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the products is illustrated in the table that follows:

Complete Nutritional Value Calorie  Content  per  Serving is less than 300 Natural or Organic Base Balanced C2P Ratio (2:1) High-Quality Ingredients Sugar Free or Low Sugar Content Great Taste Gluten-Free Trans-Fat Free BEVERAGE Ensure ü ü û dairy û û ü û ? ? Boost ü ü û dairy û û ü û ? ? Odwalla Juice û û ü juice û ? û ü ? ? Odwalla Superfood ü û ü juice û ? û û ? ? Odwalla Protein û û ? soy ? ? û û ? ? Naked Juice û û ü juice û ü û ü ? ? Naked Food/Energy ü û ü juice û ü û û ? ? Slim Fast û ü û dairy ? û û û ? ? EAS Muscle û û û Dairy/

soy û û û û ? ? Mix1 ü ü ü Whey protein ü ü û ü ü ü FOOD BAR Zone Perfect ü ü û Soy/

Dairy û û û û ? ? Cliff Bars û ü ü Soy û û û û ? ? Cliff-MOJO û ü ü Soy ü ü û ü ? ? LARA Bar û ü ü ? û ü û ü ü ü

            As can be seen from the illustration, Mix1 is clearly at an advantage when it comes to product quality based on the common standards set by consumers for beverage drinks. The product provides a direct contrast to all other existing products which cannot even satisfy the minimum requirement of being made from high-quality ingredients or of having a great taste although they are being marketed as health food or alternative meal replacements. Likewise, most of the other products do not provide accurate or transparent information on Carbohydrate to Protein ratio (C2P), which is important in determining whether these products would provide enough energy all throughout the day. Mix1, on the otherhand, not only boasts of having a complete nutritional value, which is expected of a meal and proves the product’s marketing slogan of being a “healthy fastfood,” but is almost a complete meal on its own with the right C2P  and calorie content. Likewise, being free from materials that may provoke allergic reactions—such as lactose, gluten, and soy—makes Mix1 friendly to all types of consumers.

II-                Packaging and Image

            With regards to packaging, Mix1 employs a simple approach by utilising bold and basic colors, clearly premised on the fact that today’s fast-living generation generally prefer minimalist approaches. The product comes in a rectangular bottle which sets it off from a sea of cylindrical beverage containers and therefore making it easy to identify from market shelves. The image is simple and clutter-free without being sterile, which echoes the main theme of being a “natural fast food” that the company wants the product to be known for. The nutritional information and label is straightforward and clear, each bottle corresponds exactly to one serving. Mix1’s projection of the “cool, hip, and healthy” image, while being shared by a dozen other health drinks marketed by big companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle, is often more credible due to the trustworthy-like-my-neighbor image of the company which produced it and is actually enbued with a “rebel” attitude since it dares to offer a genuinely healthy beverage alternative. Adding to the trustworthiness of the product is the small-company image and the personal touch rendered by co-creator Dr. James Rouse who is able to provide straightforward answers to health questions an other fitness topics on the product’s website.

III-             Distribution

            The variety of health drinks and health snack food items are usually available in major groceries, supermarkets, and health clubs which generate more product exposure and in turn, point of sale. Undoubtedly, products of bigger companies have undue advantage when it comes to the extent of marketing and distribution support that the company can provide. Mix1’s weakness is therefore in its limited distributorship: up to the recent it can only be bought from whole food and health food stores, thereby leaving the patrons of majority of the convenience stores and major supermarkets to its competitors.

IV-             Pricing

            The prices of health drinks and health bars vary according to the size of the container they come with. Mix1 is priced almost the same as its competitor products in the market, as shown by the table that follows. Compared to the pricier brands, however, it occupies a distinct advantage when the nutritional value and other aspects of product quality are factored in.

Price Range Beverage Low

(< $0.15 per oz.) SlimFast Medium

($0.15-0.20 per oz) Ensure


Naked Juice

Mix1 High

(> $.020 per oz.) Odwalla Juice

Odwalla Superfood

Odwalla Protein

Naked Superfood

Naked Energy Bar From $0.02 to $0.04

Per gram Zone Perfect

Cliff Bars



V-                Target Market

            Although Mix1 is being marketed as a healthy nutritional supplement or alternative meal replacement to the general public, it is clear that its niche market is the group of people, between 15 to 50 years old, with very busy lifestyles who want to maintain or begin taking care of their bodies. Presumably, these are people who may be too busy to take a balanced meal who are forced to dine out on a regular basis. By this very nature, the challenge for Mix1 is on maintaining the attention span of its consumers long enough to realize the difference, and if its website is any indication, it seems to be doing a good work doing exactly that.


The foremost concern of any food and beverage consumer, in today’s increasingly health-conscious society, is the quality of the products he or she takes into the body. Therefore it is imperative for any product presented to be a “health drink” or “health snack” to be more sentisitive to the needs and expectations of its highly-discerning market. Thus, Mix1’s advantage over its competitors is clearly on the quality of the product which lives up to the message of clutter-free and easy way to healthy living that its makers hope to sell. Although the product’s main weakness lies in its limited distributorship, it can bank on the trustworthy image of its company and the appeal of its competitive price and product quality to retain and possibly expand its consumer base. It can likewise use its image and its packaging of being the “healthy fastfood” to penetrate a much younger market that is mostly dominated by high-sugar beverage offerings.


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