Composition one Essay

Composition one

            Reverend Thomas Ahlburn puts forward a number argument in his article, ‘Embracing life’ - Composition one Essay introduction. The first argument he puts forward is on the search for God which he says, is time and again crazy, poisonous, addictive, consuming, and, all but not possible to abscond, once started. According to him, individuals who assert to have found God can be particularly frightening. Having discovered God, true believers usually end up pestering others in their hypothetical deity’s behalf. God should therefore keep us from people who want us to believe in him. More so, he claims that, trust in existence here and now is not easy to uphold at the end of the century as our very world maybe disappearing. (Lurie 30)

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            In addition, author Reverend Thomas Ahlburn argues on life. According to him, life has no meaning and God’s existence is not certain. He asserts that, life is incontestable and complicated, although does nothing to lessen life’s deathless marvel. Life is horrifying, amazing, shocking, delighting, as well as dazzling. He asserts that, the majority of us love life, although, no one comprehends it given that, over and over again, we are tested to the point of hopelessness and beyond by life. However, we still desire to say all right to it. Life is hard to survive, although undeniably fabulous. According to him, nothing remains the same, apart from the marvel of it all. (Lurie 121)

            I disagree with the author’s argument that the search for God is time and again poisonous, addictive, crazy, consuming, and, all but not possible to abscond, once started. The search for God is not as damaging as the author puts it, it depends on how one looks at it and what one does in the quest and search for God. According to Justine Hwang, there is no procedure to finding God, however, “the great news is that, God is looking for us and he wants us to discover him”.[1] Justine gives a few ideas to aid in the search for God which includes: focusing on one’s search for Jesus, Praying, engaging one’s brain, searching with one’s heart as well as knowing one’s past and staying open to what one is looking for. (Lurie 159)

Therefore, the search for God is not as intricate as Reverend Thomas puts it. In essence, its not all true believers who have found God keep pestering those who don’t know him. Getting to Know God is a spiritual battle and as a result, all what is required of true believers in spreading the Gospel is to deliver the message then take the rest to God in prayer so that he can do his spiritual work and transforming the sinner. God should therefore not keep us from true believers who claim to have found him because we need them in our search for God so as to get to know him, to fellowship with other believers in a bid to grow spiritually. In addition, in our search for the meaning of life, we need to find God and we cannot do this on our own without true believers who have had a personal encounter with God and can witness and testify to us of his mightiness and wonder. (Lurie 230)

In addition, I disagree with Reverend Thomas’s argument that life has no meaning. Life has meaning for individuals who have a deep-rooted faith in a divine being. Once the going gets tough, these individuals may have something which they can fall back onto. However painful it may be, they still have some form of importance in their life. In essence, there is no significance to life itself, nor is there purpose to the universe. However, one can offer meaning to life by his/her own deeds. One should strive to make the universe a better place for him/herself as well as for his/her generation and offspring thus giving meaning to life.(Lurie 310)

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