Comprehension The Congress Essay

1 - Comprehension The Congress Essay introduction. A bicameral legislature is a two-chamber lawmaking body and
2. A unicameral legislature is a one-chamber lawmaking body.
3. Nebraska is the only state to have a one-chamber lawmaking body.
4. There are a total of 100 members in the U.S. Senate and
5. 435 plus 6 non-voting members from the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico members in the U.S. House.
6. The term of office for members of the Senate is six years
7. compared to the House which has two year terms.
8. The U.S. Senate views states as being equal. True.
9. The U.S. House favors which states for representation? States with the largest populations – California is number one.
10. Both the U.S. House and Senate are referred to as the legislative branch or Congress
11. Earl Pomeroy is the U.S. Representative from N.D. from what political
12. Democratic party.
List any 3 ways that you a citizen could contact this Representative.
13. Writing the representative
14. Phone
15. Visiting their website
16. The majority political party in the U.S House is the Democratic Party.
17. The presiding officer of the U.S. House is called the Speaker of the House and
18. Nancy Pelosi is the individual who holds this position.
19. Steny Hoyer is the House Majority Party Leader.
20. James E. Clyburn is the House Majority Party Whip.
What is the responsibility of the whips for both the majority and minority parties?

21. Both the majority and minority whips are responsible for the maintenance of inter-party communication between the leadership and individual party members. In addition, they are charged with garnering support for party policies on the floor of the House, the counting of votes on legislation, and negotiating with undecided House party members to support party policies and/or positions.

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