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Comprehensive Cases

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    What aspects of the case suggest that Schwarzenegger is committed to the goals that he has set for himself? – Even since his childhood Schwarzenegger wants to be “somebody” even his parents had different opinion and visions. He was looking for the way how to become “somebody”. Firstly, step was sport, Arnold become Mr.. Universe and even defeated his idol Erg Park. Secondly, he was acting very successfully. Finally, he got the prize California governor. 5. Are there any “dark sides” to Schwarzenegger charisma and leadership skills? According to me his charisma and leadership were perfect but sometimes too optimistic and conflict promising. What might these be, and how might they affect his relationship with others and his ability to govern? – He set an optimistic timeline for passing the budget. He made conflicting promises to opposite parties. Schwarzenegger called his opponents “girls man” at public rally. All this mistakes made bad influence to his ability to govern. 6. How might Schwarzenegger personality or leadership style help or hinder his ability to effectively negotiate with other parties such as the teachers’ union? In my opinion, he has done his best. Schwarzenegger was looking for all possible ways to fix the budget. He wanted to achieve his goals at all costs, but it doesn’t work if you chose wrong method as he perused teachers union to pay additional taxes. Case #2. What Customers don’t know won’t hurt them, or will it? Questions for Discussion: 1 . Using concepts from reinforcement theory, explain why Elena might be titivated to lie to customers. – Elena might be motivated to lie customers because she got information from her respectable supervisor that provides cognitive support for their pre-existing attitudes and beliefs.

    With reinforcement theory in mind, do you think that Elena will confess to the legal representative? – The main assumption that guides this theory is that Elena do not like to be wrong and often feel uncomfortable when their beliefs are challenged. So she followed supervisor’s rules. Why or why not? – She can confess to the legal representative because she realize her behavior and possible positive and negative results. . How might the rental office’s climate influence Élan’s behavior? – The internal climate is not perfect, and it looks like a challenge for everybody.

    What factors contribute to the current climate? – Élan’s supervisor asked her to lie customers, and she was doing that because sometimes they can make more money and she can become a manager. What steps could you take to improve the ethics at this office? – To improve the climate we need to define clear way how regular employee can become a manager without special tricks and lie, and they need to define strict rules which can prevent fatal consequences. 3. Do you blame Elena for her behavior or do you attribute her behavior to external factors? Can blame Elena same as her supervisor who taught her. How do concepts from attribution theory fit in? – Concepts from attribution theory explains that Élan’s behavior depended from external factors such as other directions. 4. Consider Élan’s personality. Would you predict that escalation of commitment will occur (and she will lie to the legal representative), or will she decide to come clean? – Consider Élan’s personality she would like to come clean rather than lying to representative because that will be crime and she will not become a anger if somebody finds her out. 5.

    Do you think Elena would make a good leader some day? Why or why not? – think she will be a good leader some days, because she knew bough sides of truth in connecting with customers. She learned these lessons well. What factors might this depend on? 6. What emotions might Elena be experienced? How might Élan’s emotions affect her decision to tell the legal department manager about the incident with Mr.. Reynolds? – She experienced terrible emotions, that will be very difficult to tell the truth but it will be the most appropriate choice. Elena doesn’t want to tell real story but she should.

    Case #3. Wall-Mart’s World 1 . According to the textbook, there are seven primary characteristics that capture the essence of an organization’s culture. How would you describe Wall- Mart’s culture using these seven characteristics? -using this seven primary characteristics I would like to describe Wall-Mart an organizational culture as detail oriented company – with frequent meeting, researching and fixing different issues to improve company objects, team oriented – strong employees structure and hierarchy, aggressive – when they make their decisions very fast to satisfy a customer. 2.

    Based on this case, would you characterize Wall-Mart’s ultra as strong or weak? -Wall-Mart culture is strong even now but has some weak points. Why? – They keep customer as a king in their stores that is very important for customers. Frequent meeting within all product and manager levels give perfect communication. These connections allow company make fast decisions’ and grow fats. But it was too intensive. How might Wall-Mart’s culture contributes to its long-term performance? – Wall-Mart culture became neurotic because of fanaticism and continuous improvement of efficiency. Sometimes they hired and promoted illegal immigrants.

    That will can make bad thing to TTS long term performance. 3. As an upper-manager of Wall-Mart, what steps could you take to either maintain or enhance the culture of Wall-Mart? – As a part of the upper management at Wall-Mart I will take next steps to maintain or enhance the culture in the business: I will continuously conduct short work meetings during the week before work day start. That should be a schedule where everybody might sign, come and contribute new ideas and insides. Online meeting between different offices, locations and countries will be very helpful for sharing experience.

    Also Wall-Mart need cross teams meeting where labors an talk to managers and executives directly. Than Wall-Mart can share with customers about all their insides via mass media, magazines, newsletters, TV to show and maintain Wall-Mart authority, culture and attractiveness. 4. What are some aspects of Wall-Mart’s culture that have persevered, but yet may be disadvantageous in today’s economy? – I think one bad aspect in Wall-Mart culture are the situations when managers or executives was doing inappropriate job in bad conditions, for saving a little money even company was made a lot.

    Walton drove his a modest old pick-up truck and flew coach whenever he traveled. These characteristics have reminded ingrained in Wall-Mart culture. 5. How might Wall-Mart’s negative press affect employees morale, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment? -Definitely negative press can affect employee morale, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Everybody wants to work in successful company with perfect reputation and be a part of great team that motivate people and encourage them.

    Company positions in a market environment its one of the main value to worker, I believe after compensation rate. My main target will be to keep workers happy within their responsibilities, tit fear rules, and show them company progress, future perspective and plans. As a manager, what steps would you take to improve employees attitudes? -How people can take advantage and work win-win as colleagues without any feeling that company just use them. Social meeting after work, team buildings, sharing experience in informal environments, etc. 6.

    Characterize Wall-Mart’s organizational structure. Is it mechanistic or organic? -Wall-Mart’s organizational structure is organic by many indicators but also few mechanistic colors. Does it have a high degree of centralization or decentralization? Even managers have high level concentration as weekly meetings in head quarter but they go back to their stores and do all task there. Manager’s works together to create new ideas and discuss tasks. Employees communicating works face to face. How might Wall-Mart’s structure affect it’s employees in terms of their productivity and job attitudes? Company have anti- union position, its hiring and promoting practices (outsourcing, immigrants, illegal workforce) and its treatment of employees (discrimination, underpayment) all makes it increasingly difficult to keep good productivity and job attitude. Case #4. Apples Beethoven 1 . Using the three-component model of creativity, describe what makes Steve Jobs, and by extension, Apple Computer, successful. – We could describe Jobs as a very creative person. For that reason he could be add to Creativity-relevant skills of the three-component model of creativity.

    The experience of creativity process and application of a proper work style i. E. Practice and talent. Also he has Task motivation – The difference between what you can do and what you will do. Based on the case, which components does Jobs seem to possess in the highest degree? What aspects of the case led you to this conclusion? – Jobs shows us he s innovative, creative, flexible and charismatic person. Knowledge and facts with technical and subject relevant skill bas i. E. Understanding design and the specific problem brief. 2. What leadership theories are most applicable to Steve Jobs and why?

    How can these theories explain Job’s recent successes? – According to me for Steve Jobs the most applicable are Trait Theories and “Great Man” Theories. According to this point of view, great leaders are simply born with the necessary internal characteristics such as charisma, confidence, intelligence, and social skills that make them natural-born leaders. Similar in some ways to Great Man harries, trait theories assume that people inherit certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leadership, which is applicable to Steve Jobs. 3.

    Based on the case’s description of Jobs, what can you infer about his personality? In other words, how would you describe his personality using terms from the book? -Steve Jobs had incredible charismatic personality. He was thinking differently out of the box and inspires his team. Steve was a leader who leaded technical innovations and revolution around portable devices. 4. Are situational factors solely responsible for Apple’s success, or is it due to the raids and leadership skills of Steve Jobs? If both contribute, which do you believe is more important and why? In this case both factors situational and leader skills were play significant role in Apple success. However I think that Jobs traits and skills created more impact in the company. That we can recognize when Jobs was laid of from the company which he founded. He started new company and succeed. Eventually he came back to Apple and continues his development and vision implementation. 5. Using Linen’s Three-Step Model of organizational change, explain Apple’s development of and success with the pod. Firstly, Apple uses unfreezing which is necessary to overcome the strains of individual resistance and group conformity.

    Secondly, the next step in the process of changing behavior according to Linen’s is movement. Finally, it is refreezing the third step. In my opinion, Apple use all of them in order to implement their product pod. 6. Would you characterize Apple as a learning organization? Why or why not? As a manager, what could you do to ensure that Apple continues to be innovative? – Definitely Apple is learning organization because they with chairman were care about user’s satisfaction. They learned customer behavior, innovate and improve existing software and hardware.

    When they have a problems in compatibility their SO with popular software, Apple started working on their own applications for a professionals and regular customers. This entire indicator shows to us that this organization continues to be innovative and learning. Case #5. The Big Promotion 1 . Using terms from the text, how would you describe Devotes leadership style? – He has reputation of being a traditional, straightforward leader. Using terms from the slides I would describe Devotes leadership style as a style when you SE inherent in designed formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members.

    How would you describe Isabella leadership style? -She is a visionary leader and she inspire the employees with her magnetic personality. Isabella style is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals. 2. Whose leadership style do you believe would be more effective, Isabella or Boon’s? Why? What, if any situational factors might their effectiveness depend on? According to me Isabella leadership style is more effective. Because they both work in software company and they need think out of the box, and use ambitions with different approaches.

    Leader in this industry should think in one are even more steps forward than customer or competitor to get success. Developing new software is the innovative process and using only straight, conservative ways can be not enough. So Isabella more appropriate person for this role. 3. If you were Paul, who would you hire and why? – I personally would hire Isabella due to that she inspire and motivate them and also has innovative solutions to the problem facing the company. 4. What are some potential downsides to each candidate’s leadership style? –

    Main downsides in Task oriented model (Devon) are leader member relations, social part, networking and interaction. Main downsides in Relationship oriented model (Isabella) are lack of task structure. 5. Whose employees do you think are likely to be more motivated, Devotes or Isabella? Whose employees are likely to have higher job satisfaction, trust in leadership, and organizational commitment? Why? – They are both motivated equally, but they have different visions being leaders. In my opinion, Isabella would be more satisfied because she will have support of all her employees.

    She is a motivator and that’s why she will have trust in leadership and organizational commitment. Isabella thinks globally. 6. Based on their leadership styles, in what type of organizational structure would Devon be most effective? What about Isabella? Why? – Devon will be good manager within classic organizational structure with vertical hierarchy. He will do everything according guidelines. Isabella have other mind set and she will be good in more flexible environment, fast growing, changeable with more vertical relations it is peculiar for the software development industry.

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