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As a normal process of health care system, checking of paper-based patient medical charts requires neat hand writing, extra efforts to read and study the patient’s  health status, which is time consuming and may also cause wrong diagnosis or prescription of medicines.  Apart from these, maintenance of manual files of each patient in a hospital and checking files is a laborious task for nurses and medical assistants which will delay the process of medical treatment or billing system in a hospital.  Loss / damage or misplacement of diagnosed papers or medical test reports causes severe disturbance in the hospital for a patient which required to be tested again for obtaining medical reports.  Paper work requires excessive number of staff for maintaining medical records and reports of patients in a hospital.

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Such as the above drawbacks are eliminated through computer charting with the use of extremely efficient computer software specially designed for maintaining voluminous database of hospital patients - Computer charting Essay introduction. Patient’s date of check-in, diagnosis, prescribed medicines, visits of physicians, doctors and nurses are all computerized and charts provide a complete set of information, it is much easier even for the patient to understand one’s own health status. Verification and scrutiny for a thorough patient check up is made very easy with computer charting as it provides a complete set of information about a patient and easy access of a patient’s record is made available for any doctor through network and any sort of complicated patient’s case  can be diagnosed by an expert in medicine through computer chart. Fast processing, easy maintenance of patient’s records, easy accessibility and minimizes staff or employment.

Especially nurses, through computer charts can give timely injections, tablets and make frequent visits taking care of patient’s health. Also nurses can take the advice of doctors and physicians just by going through computer charts remarks and diagnosis.


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