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I believe most of the general populations are aware of how rapidly technology evolves - Computer Comparison Essay introduction. I will start by giving a little bit of background into my own computer system. I purchased my Desktop computer system in late October 2008. At the time I was set to begin a journey into the world of higher education and needed a computer that could keep up with me. As I did my research into what was on the market that would fit not only my budget, but the needs I believe I needed. I quickly found I was not interested in anything that was on the market in stores, simply because of the fact all the “new” systems were installed with Windows Vista.

That left me with only two choices. I could have a system custom built for what I needed and loaded with Windows XP, or I could take a leap and jump into a Mac Desktop. I continued to research and found it would be more efficient to have a computer system custom built to fit my needs. The Desktop I had built needed to do everything I needed for school, handle some large programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and also be able to network with my family’s existing system, for the purpose of printer and file sharing.

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I spoke to a technician, and we came up with a system that fit my budget as well as needs. My Desktop consists of a basic black tower, Gigabyte S-series motherboard, which supports Intel Multi-Core Processors. The processor is an Intel Duo Core E700 2. 53GHz. The system has 2. 00 GB of random access memory (RAM), and a 500GB hard drive. The system has been extremely reliable and more than met the needs. However, two] months ago it contracted a virus that essentially crashed my entire operating system.

Thankfully I had enough time to run to Target and purchase an external hard drive to enable me to transfer my files from the computer just before it crashed. I have since upgraded to Windows 7, also upgraded the original hard drive that was a 250GB to a 2TG hard drive. My system is currently working perfectly. I have done some research into the new systems on the market. My personal preferences are 1. Apple Mac Pro series 2. Sony Vio 3. Toshiba These three computer systems seem to have the best qualifications on the market.

The Apple Mac Pro Xeon with a 2. 8GHz (4 Cores), is one the top picks of Computer systems on the market today. This Mac has an Intel Xeon 2. 8 GHz processor quad core, 3000MB DDR random access memory, and 1000GB hard drive. This computer is one of the fastest most reliable on the market. It runs about $2,500, and is every bit worth the extra money. The new Mac’s are said to be essentially immune to the common viruses that PC’s can contract in a second from the Internet.

That alone in my books is worth the extra money spent on the system. Another top pick in computer systems is the Origin Genesis. This system is equipped with Intel’s second generation Core i7-2600K processor over clocked to 5GHz. This processor will get-up and go more rapidly than the average user needs. The processor is kept cool and stable liquid cooling. The Genesis is loaded with 16GB of random access memory, and a 2. 1TG hard drive. For those die hard gamers out there this system has been rated impressive.

In comparison from my own personal system to these new state of the art computer systems, there is no comparison. Either the Genesis or the Apple Mac Pro Xeon leaves my system in the dust. To compare the Genesis, and the Mac is a fairly close call. I believe to make an assessment of which system is better a system would have to factor in the needs of the user, the budget the user intended to stay within and overall preference. Whether users were to choose either the Genesis or the Mac Pro, I believe they would be more than satisfied with the performance of either system.


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