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   In the modern world technical evidence has come to occupy a very important place in proving and substantiating civil and criminal cases - Computer firewall introduction. Such importance is directly related to the advancements in computer and science technologies. With the increasing public awareness, methodologies and techniques of technical evidence have become subject to dispute, which makes computer evidence techniques, tools and processing methods to be challenged in civil and criminal cases. Good documentation and procedures are the keys to success in this regard.

     Computer evidence rests on the time and date of creation of files which is directly related to the time and date as stored in the CMOS chip of the computer. Hence accurate documentation of such settings has to be made in regard to the seized computer. The model, make and size of the hard disk drives installed in the seized computers must be documented in order to remove the potential of missing and hidden data (Michael R. Anderson, 2009). The computer may have been working on different operating systems, which requires that all the details of the operating systems should be recorded. Accuracy of all data is related to the integrity of the operating systems, data storage areas, FAT and directory; hence it is imperative to record the result of running programs such as scan disk and DOS. The all pervading scourge of computer viruses has to be examined and it must be ensured that the seized computer is free from all viruses by scanning on certified scanning systems. All the files stored in the floppy diskettes and hard disk drives must be catalogued and listed along with the time and date of the creation and update of each file. It must be ensured that the given agency is legally authorized and licensed to use the documents and software that are mentioned in the reports (Ray Yeager, 2006). The given software must be registered after its purchase with the publisher of the software. This is so because defence lawyers verify with software publishers to ensure that the evidence is produced on licensed software. With the advancement of technology, software is invariably upgraded and enhanced within short periods which makes it necessary to hold on to the exact copy and version of the software employed in the process (Dave Pettinari, 2000).


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