Computer Forensics Essay - Part 2

What we know * Computer forensics lab usually conduct a digital forensic analysis * There are many type of computer forensics tool, some are free and some are licensed * Forensics lab usually are restricted to outsider What we don’t know * How computer forensics preserve their evidence * Overview of computer forensics lab * Cost to build a computer forensics lab What we need to know Specific tool that use by computer forensics base on their case

* How to build a computer forensics lab with low cost by using open source software * How to properly securing evidence and transporting it for examination at a later time by a digital evidence forensic examiner Summary In this PBL 1 we learn about computer forensics lab and how do their handle a crime case. The uptake of technology has been just as widespread in the criminal world as everywhere else.

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This means that digital forensics is not just about “digital crime” such as hacking. Traditional crime can now be investigated by looking at its digital aspects, for example recreating the movements of a criminal’s mobile phone around a town or someone’s web-based research about the location of a burglary. The discipline of digital forensics involves the knowledge and skills necessary to investigate all types of cybercrime, including fraud, data theft, and identity theft and cyber terrorism.

The role of the digital forensic investigator has emerged to investigate these and other crimes. In this PBL also we need to take 4 examples of computer forensic labs around the world which is Bellevue University – Bellevue, Nebraska forensic lab, Forensic Laboratories – Attorney General – State of California, Forensic Science Division – State Crime Lab – Montana Department, and Crime Labs – Wisconsin Department of Justice.

By the observation about this 4 computer forensics lab we can say that how important is computer forensics in our ife. The examiners are expert in their jobs especially to catch a Criminals also use a host of electronic media and computers in facilitation of their unlawful activities this is because modern and current technology permits suspects to commit crimes internationally and remotely with variety of digital devices. Usually computer forensics lab doesn’t need a large space, each of this lab are divided by several group usually in 2 or 3 person and each group are conducted with different several case.

Even some company supplying the examiners’ with mobility equipment to do investigating outside the labs. We know that data inside the digital devices are important to the examiners preserve digital media in a forensically manner with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts and opinions about the information. This can get by using specific software and hardware. Computer forensics lab it is not complete without hardware and software and specific tools use for investigations.

The hardware are different than normal computer at home because computer use for computer forensic has higher specification such as base unit, processor, memory; optical and hard drive, NIC, and etc. all of this are type of specifications for computer forensic computer. Besides the computer other hardware such as printer, scanner and etc. also need to be something that have higher specifications for investigation purposes. There is several software that been used in computer forensics lab, mostly open source software and also licensed too depend on the case.

Example of the software that been used is such as Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device (FRED), Tableau T335 Forensic Bay Controller, Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro, Guidance Software: EnCase Forensic Edition and many more. After research about computer forensics lab we can conclude that the field of computer forensics is a very recent form of crime investigation. The introduction of personal computers has given criminals one more tool to use. The method of catching these criminals needed to be developed from nothing.

The few individuals and agencies in the late 1980s and early 1990s were instrumental in creating the foundation from which all training and software have been based. With this basic principal for the standards of evidence collection and the software necessary to investigate and preserve this evidence, we have developed a system for proving elements of a crime committed using a computer. The second challenge faced by computer forensic specialists was the amount of data to be processed.

As computer technology advanced to allow the storage of more data, this increased the amount of information a technician had to sort for evidentiary value. The second generation of software responded to this task by assisting in the sorting process so technicians could view files faster by viewing them in groups rather than individually. A problem that persists through all forensic fields is the length of time it takes to gather evidence; this is no different in computer forensics.

Software that aids investigators in the field by quickly looking for predetermined information on suspected computers saves time by narrowing which computers or storage media may contain illicit materials. The advancements made in the field of computer forensics have adapted well to meet new technology. This has made sure that computer forensics can keep pace with the crimes committed both in type of crimes as well as volume of crimes.

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