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A computer system is composed of various parts which facilitate its functioning and operation to arrive at desired results.

The mechanical devices which put together all the electronic circuits and components make together the computer hardware - Computer Function introduction. It can also be termed as the interconnection of electronic devices that can be used to control the input, output devices and operations of the users (Norton, 2002). The functions of the hardware can be put together as follows:


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·         Processor, which forms as essential part of the computer hardware is like the brain of the computer. It organizes and carries out instructions that come from either the user or the software.

·         Memory is the placeholder for all the programs executing in the computer and is like the electronic scratch pad of the computer. On launching a program, it is loaded into memory and runs from it. It is also a deciding factor for computers speed and power.

·         Computer bus is very essential part of hardware which is responsible to transfer data between the various components.

·         Video display controller functions for displaying the information to the screen as output (, 2007).

·         Storage for the computer is also at the hardware level and make sure that our information is stored in files and folders. Hard disk and other forms of disk are quite capable of storing the files in large quantities.

Thus we see that computer hardware functions for increasing the speed of the computer which is determined by the processor and memory, the memory also takes care of the operations and task execution by the computer and storage devices such as secondary devices take care of permanent storage of the computer files in disks that can be retrieved as desirable. Overall we can sum up that computer hardware is responsible for taking care of the operations of the computer and facilitate the use of input and output devices. The hardware also provides mechanism to control the attached devices like pen drives, keyboard, speakers, printers and monitors with the help of ports which are made to accept the device in relation to the desired operation it desires to provide.

Computer Software is the one which takes care of the users of the system and facilitates them to perform their operations. It tells the physical components or provides with information the instructions which they require to execute. The various types of software are as follows:

·         System software: These are special programs to run the computer hardware and manage all resources of the system. For example: operating systems, device driver managers and so on.

·         Programming software: It includes special programs which are used to write and run computer programs. For example: compilers and interpreters (, 2007).

·         Application software: They are used to take care of special tasks of the users for functioning of the system. For example: word processors and databases.

The above functions are provided by the software in the form of various types it assumes and service the user to perform their desired operation.

The system board is a rigid rectangular card containing the circuitry that connects the processor to other hardware. It integrates the internal devices like video card, sound card, disk controller and other devices are housed on their own smaller circuits, which attach to the mother board. They make sure that all the components are attached properly and connected to the motherboard for extending their functionality.

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