Computer information science Essay

̵ - Computer information science Essay introduction.;——–Excel 2003 terms————–
1. Destination Cell -> is a cell designated as the end which contains a label, a numeric value, or a formula. It is the output intersection of the plotted rows and columns.
—–Access 2003 terms——–
1. Access -> is a collection of relational database systems from Microsoft which uses Microsoft Jet as their basic database engine. It serves as a medium of some object-oriented techniques but is not a fully object-oriented development tool.
2. Database View -> is a view of logical collection of records or input that is stored in a computer so that a program can process it to answer queries. The records captured in result to queries become information that can be used to make decisions.

3. Orphan Record -> is the primary record of all the information gathered about a specific thing, person, event, or product, such as a customer database. It can consist of many fields such as the client’s first & last name, address, city, zip code, state and contact number.
——Power Point 2003 terms——–
1. PowerPoint -> an application developed for the computer operating systems MS Windows and MAC to create presentations, speeches, and slides that uses graphics for demo purposes.

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2. Demote -> to decrease or reduce elements in powerpoint.
3. Promote -> to increase or advance elements in the presentation
4. Main Text -> the primary or key text in the presentation
5. Numbered List -> the ordered list of items represented by numerical values.
6. Object -> is used to represent relative elements to the presentation
7. Sub-Bullet -> a highlighted sub-topic under a sub-text; commonly represented with a black dot used to point a set of items under a list.

8. Adjustable Handle -> the left-to-right presentation
9.Notes Master -> placeholder where you can edit the notes principal format and the appearance of all Notes pages in your powerpoint presentation

10.Handout Master -> page to define slide format, such as changing the position, look, and size of the header and footer text, page number, or date on handouts.
11. Font Style -> the specific attribute of the fonts, specifically defined as italic, bold, bold italic, and roman.
12. Pixel -> short for Picture Element which is the basic unit of picture that defines the value of a given color and brightness.

13. Default Colors -> universal color presets used in presentation.
14. Font -> is the character definition in a specified size and style of type.


Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Table of Contents, Microsoft Office 2003 Online.


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