Computer information system Essay

In the era of drastic scientific innovations and technological findings people have invented new solutions to quicken and improve information exchange and communication process in general - Computer information system Essay introduction. Modern office automation and group collaboration software increase productivity and are easy-to-use programs that have become not only a luxury but also irreplaceable device in today’s offices. Regardless of the fact of their indispensability these office mechanization facilities are characterized by both advantages and disadvantages.

The history of office automation and group collaboration software started in 1989 when a package of Notes was developed at Lotus Development Corporation. It was the software that contained functions that are now available via Internet, instant messengers, telephone, etc. As the type writer and the copy machine are no longer in use in our company and have been replaced by fax-machines, telephones, and computers equipped with all necessary functions to satisfy the needs of an ordinary office worker, office automation translates information into electronic form by means of which people manage financial documentation, earnings reports, securities, etc. Modern office automation includes the following activities:

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Ø Data storage,

Ø Data exchange, and

Ø Data management

Data storage implies the most popular and important aspect of office automation called word processing, which is referred to as entering the data (text) into the computer using keyboard. Modern word processing programs such as Microsoft Office comprise key functions that allow users to select necessary fonts, sizes, images, layout features, and margins to ensure the best quality of the text document.

Image handling system is another part of office automation software. Its primary distinguishing feature is that it treats graphic data such as images, tables, graphs, and photos as one object while word processing software is created or edited gradually inputting/deleting symbols in the word document. Our organization uses visual information rather frequently during various presentations and conferences. PowerPoint presentations simplify explanation and interpretation processes providing viewers with clarity and precision on the topic. All kinds of tables and charts come in use when financial reports or other necessary issues are discussed and require additional details.

Data exchange plays a significant role in office daily activity as in ensures quick and operative information distribution guaranteeing all-in-one suit: sending, transferring, receiving, and reporting on delivery. Instant messengers and electronic mail provide examples of office appliances that manage and implement inner-office communication. Also such software allows to download programs and files from other users’ PCs connected to one common network. Modern progress has reached the point where one single machine/software is now able to print, fax, copy, and scan required information and documents.

Electronic data management systems maintain office activity through electronic scheduling and task management systems. This denotes that not only freelancers are now able to work from home, but also physical managers may now control and run their business with the help of office automation systems while being away from the office.

Office automation functions properly and effectively only when operated by people. Therefore, human factor is extremely important when talking about the efficiency of office equipment, which greatly depends on computer developers, designers, engineers, etc. While introducing and installing office automation and group collaboration systems it is worthwhile to bear in mind the next aspects of their functionality:

Ø Price

Ø Duration necessary for installation and proper functioning

Ø Key features

Ø Program’s quality and condition

Ø Customer support in case of technical problems

Ø Compatibility with other software installed on PC

Ø System complexity

Ø Consistency and flexibility with local network (Te’eni & Carey 2006)

Despite all the advantages that office automation and group collaboration software bring, they also provide:

v Quick information exchange

v Safe information storage

v Handy and convenient data management

v Low cost

v Effectiveness

v Smooth and facile replacement of one device by means of another (Te’eni & Carey 2006)

After having explored the benefits of the office automation and group collaboration software, I have come to a conclusion that they still contain important disadvantages that may not be overlooked. Net-obsession and social isolation of workers have become “office diseases” number one. Frequent use of Internet and other telecommunication means lead to the emergence of high-tech addiction. Spending 40 hours per week in front of their computers, office workers increase this period dramatically surfing the Internet at home. Typically, it all starts with just innocent chat via ICQ or AOL, and then gradually turns into obsession affecting individual responsibilities at work. Experts say that a number of people who spend their lunch breaks chatting with their ICQ/AOL list members has grown considerably since 2002 (8%) as now they make approximately 23% of all office workers. (Te’eni & Carey 2006).

Researchers from California State University have come to a conclusion that people who spend more than four hours in front of the PC on a daily basis need immediate medical treatment as they all are characterized by isolation symptoms. Net-obsession as they call it deals not only with surfing the Internet but is also associated with any electronic device by means of which a person acquires an ability to communicate and keep in touch with others. These are cell phones, smart phones, instant messengers, e-mails, etc.

It would be rather fair to note that computers have gradually replaced people and it is also a negative point in office automation. Less people are now required to perform tasks.

To resolve the issue of potential net-obsession and psychological isolation our managers have implemented the concept of “limited working communication”. It denotes that office automation may only be used with the purpose of socializing exceptionally on the topic of office projects, objectives, and feedback. No other chats may be allowed. The results of a two-month performance assessment have shown that workers productivity has risen to 19% and was awarded by the managers in order to encourage the staff in future (Te’eni & Carey 2006).


Te’eni, D., & Carey, J., & Zhang, P. (2006). Human Computer Interaction: Designing Effective Organizational Information Systems. New York: John Wiley & Sons.


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