Computer Information Systems Essay


The competition that has engulfed the current market scenes is one of the major challenges that are facing many businesses today - Computer Information Systems Essay introduction. To overcome this, creative and innovative marketing strategies have been developed to help firms remain competitive. Ngama enterprise, a company that distributes mobile phones, is one of the firms that have engaged in online marketing to help market its products. This paper keenly evaluates four online marketing concepts that the firm uses to market itself

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Social network

There are two methods through which one can market a product through social networks; the viral marketing or buying an advertisement. This business though uses the viral marketing method. Here I use videos to market my product. The first thing to do in order to take full advantage of viral marketing is to identify a social networking potential and then create a viral message that has a high appeal to that particular population that visits that site. (Richard et al, 2007)

Search engine:

This is internet marketing through the use of search engines like Google. The search engine helps promote the public awareness of a particular website.  Here the website of my firm is linked to the search engine and people are able to know about it from there. Certain catching information is supplied to the search engine and the interested people are linked to my website.

Online messaging

In online messaging I will be able to send messages to multiple recipients and inform them about products. I will also be able to keep the recipients up to date on any new developments concerning my products. This will in turn help in creating more awareness to a host of other potential clients while cementing the relationship with the current.

Chat rooms

Chat rooms just need me to sign up, after signing up the next thing is to build trust with those in the chat room and then be visiting the chat room regularly. This way people will get interested in me and my business. (Stewart, (2002)


Online marketing is one of the new advertising tools that have been developing at a very high rate today. Any serious business man or woman will in one way or the other engage in online marketing however identifying the best online marketing strategy is always the challenge. A major obstacle today is that almost 75% of the world population today cannot access a computer leave alone the internet.


Richard G., Allan C. and Rita E., (2007) Online Marketing: a customer led approach. New York: Oxford University Press.

Stewart A., (2002) Online Marketing: Study Guide. Melbourne: Deakin University.

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