Computer Information

Computer Information

Accuracy of data input is important - Computer Information introduction. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:
• Printed questionnaires

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An input device that is compatible with a printed questionnaire is an optical data reader. An optical data reader makes it easier to record data that is written in the questionnaire.
• Telephone survey

An input device that is compatible with a telephone survey is a voice recognition device. In this way, answers to the survey can be easily recorded since the input device will recognize common answers that are already programmed.
• Bank checks

Bank checks are compatible with a magnetic ink character recognition device. Banks usually use a special magnetic ink in their bank checks in order to easily identify it. With this special ink on the bank checks, processing of the checks will be easier for the bank.
• Retail tags

Retail tags usually contain bar codes. Thus retail tags are compatible with bar-code scanners input device.
• Long documents

The definition of a long document is unclear. This means that the document could be any kind of document. If this is the case then the long document will be compatible with a computer input device. Keyboards can be used to enter all the things that are in the document. And with a few clicks from the mouse, any process that is in the document can also be done.

o Convenience and quality of output are important. Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:
• Hand held computer

Hand held computers have many examples. Such example of a hand held computer is a mobile phone. This technology uses an Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) in order to display data.
• Color photograph

Color photographs are compatible with a printer or a plotter. With the use of a printer or a plotter, color photographs can be produced just like a photo developed from a film.
• Resume

Resume is a simple document that is usually passed if one applies for a job. This means that a hard copy of resume can be obtained with the use of a printer.
• Memorandum

Same as the resume, memoranda are hard copies that should be printed out in order to be distributed to a person or group of persons. In this case a printer is capable of producing those hard copies that should be distributed.
• Statistical report

Statistical reports usually have graphs and tables that should be well defined so that one can easily identify its parts. This means that a LCD is appropriate tool for presenting this kind of data.
• Company annual report

Company annual reports are much broader than a statistical report. This means that there are a lot of tables and graphs that are associated to it. For a better presentation of this data, a good visual output device is needed. Thus, a LCD display will be a compatible device for presenting such data.

o Different types of storage devices are optimal for different situations. Explain what situations are appropriate for the following devices and explain why:
• Hard disk

Hard disks are appropriate for the access of real time data. Real time data means that data are needed in the actual time that is specified. Therefore, data storage that is able to transfer large amounts of bytes with ease is needed. A hard disk is designed to do that certain job.
• Floppy disk

Floppy disks are appropriate for small bytes data such as word documents, this due to the small capacity of the floppy disks and its read and write capacity.

The RAM (random access memory) is appropriate for storage of temporary files and computer instructions. Thus, RAM is important for data transfer through internet and emails. In addition, the RAM is appropriate for accessing applications in a computer that needs to store temporary instructions and temporary files such as a word processor.

CD ROM (read-only memory) is a type of data storage that provides a permanent method of storing bytes. CD ROM is data storage in the form of a compact disc. Since it provides a permanent storage, it is appropriate for storing data that are important since it is not altered whenever a power loss is encountered.
• Tape

Tape is a device that uses an iron oxide coated film to store bytes. Tapes are appropriate for backing up hard disks in case of disasters. However, tapes have slower access time compared to discs.
• Flash or Jump Drive

Flash drives are the most advanced form of data storage compared to discs and tapes. Flash drives are also appropriate for backing up data and is appropriate for string data at real time speed. Flash drives are also capable of storing files that are relatively large and is not enough for other types to store.
o Explain the role of each of the following in determining the speed of a computer:

RAM as mentioned earlier, is a type of memory that is used in order to store instructions and temporary files. The larger the RAM is, the larger the faster a computer will

be since it can store many instructions and temporary files. Many instructions and temporary files mean that a computer can run many different applications at the same time.
• Clock speed

Clock speed is the amount of electronic pulses that a CPU produced at a given time. Pulse rates determines how the slow or how fast the CPU execute a given instruction. The shorter the amount of time between pulse rates, the faster the CPU can execute a given instruction. This means that, the higher the clock speed, the faster the CPU can execute a given instruction.
• Data on hard disk

Data on hard disk is important in a speed of a computer. It is good to have a huge amount of disk space in a computer. However, large amount of data stored in a hard disk can slow down a computer. That is why hard disks should be maintained by removing data that are no longer in use to free up disk spaces.
• Data on CD ROM

Data on CD ROM can help in speeding up a computer by its read and write speed. The higher the read and writer speed of a CD ROM, the higher its speed will be.
• Data on floppy disk

Data on floppy disks can sometimes slow down a computer. Reading and writing data from floppy disks is slow. This can give a computer a hard time reading or writing a data from a floppy disk.


Stair, R., & Reynolds, G. W. (2006). Fundamentals of Information Systems, Third Edition. Course Technology.


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