Computer internship

Computers have undergone revolutionary changes in size, speed, power consumption, cost, and capabilities and have come to play a role in almost every aspect of our lives, including the practice of medicine - Computer internship introduction. Every day more innovative uses for computers are being developed for physicians, causing incredible advances in patient care and the advancement of the science. Major innovations such as electronic record keeping and electronic prescriptions are vastly improving the quality of care while advancements in sub-fields such medical imaging are vastly improving diagnosis. Projects involving computers in fields such as genomics are also allowing for vast leaps in understanding the complex biology of the human body.

This opportunity is a great chance to showcase my skills in an area where I know they will be fully utilized. As a prospective computer science student, I feel that such an internship would not only increase my knowledge base and stimulate me intellectually, but would also provide extensive, visceral insight into the technological and health related world I plan to enter.

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I feel that, aside from my intense work ethic and thirst for knowledge, I would bring an assortment of universally applicable skills to the proverbial table. I am knowledgeable in several programming languages, such as: Java, Assembly, C++, XML, JavaScript, LISP and Prolog. I am well-versed in the operating systems of Windows 95, 98 and XP, and familiar with several other such operating systems. For task-related purposes, and also to satisfy my own curiosity, I have become quite adept in several languages apart from those listed above: Software Engineering, HTML, DHTML, and CSS. I have also learned to use Word, Excel, PhotoShop, Flash and PowerPoint with great results.

Besides from the computer skills, I have put extensive effort into familiarizing myself with other aspects of the field of health care. Being a licensed Pharmacy Technician and a Clinical Medical Assistant, I have gained valuable experiences which will further help me in entering the summer internship program in the field of medicine and technology. My work in a retail pharmacy had the following duties: Refilling prescriptions, updating prescriptions on computer and restocking medications. I made every effort to keep myself knowledgeable about the many generic and brand name medications. Thereafter, as a clinical medical assistant working at a cardiology facility, my duties consisted of: proper Documentations, preparing exam rooms, reviewing patient charts, preparing patients for exams, taking vital signs, patient history, instruct patients in obtaining laboratory specimens, proficient in EKG, Cardiovascular Pulmonary(CVP), TWA, holter machine, roller stress test, phone triage, & Rx refills, Medical and surgical asepsis, Sterilization techniques, Perform finger test, urine tests and hemoccult fecal occult tests, Assisting with minor office surgeries and physical examinations, Basic laboratory procedures, Pharmacology, administration of medication and injections and Post-surgery patient follow-up.

The opportunity to participate in the summer Computer Science internship means more to me than a simple footnote on a résumé or intellectual enhancement. It is also a place where I would feel at home among like-minded, driven, and intelligent individuals who would be willing to impart to me some of their knowledge. To say that I would appreciate this opportunity would be an extreme understatement; I would be infinitely indebted to all of the knowledgeable persons responsible for my growth as an individual. I hope the admissions committee will accept my application into the summer program.

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