Computer knowledge is an essential part of todays society Essay

The phenomenal growth of computer in modern society has been dramatic and spectacular - Computer knowledge is an essential part of todays society Essay introduction. It is not surprising to say that computers have become an indispensable tool in facilitating communication and work. Human life has been made so much easier when complex tasks can now be done with just mere clicks on a computer. However, despite all the convenience brought about by the use of computers, people should keep in mind the inherent dangers in this Information Revolution that needs to be highlighted. It is only right to say that, although computers have brought much benefits to the human race, it has also created a host of problems that must be addressed.

From being a bulky and cumbersome machine, computers have not only evolved into a sleek and light-weight hand carry, the functions are way more powerful than before. It would be definitely be a difficult task ignoring a machine as useful as this. Nowadays, computers have claimed a dominant position in many schools and workplaces. This certainly proves that computer knowledge is only essential in our world today. Basic computer skills like word processing and statistical calculations have also become norms in the criteria of job offers.

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Computer knowledge is an essential part of todays society
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It is really interesting how the internet today has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact. We are now able to connect with people from all around the world as the Geographical distance has been overcome by the linkage opened by computers. Business transaction, dissemination of information and interpersonal interactions have all been incorporated in the computerization process. In other words, a person who is a computer illiterate would only find himself being swamped by the technological revolution that is occurring. A simple analogy of this situation would be a person who is unable to speak a language and he can only communicates by gesture and grunts.

Under this changed circumstances, governments around the world have now made computer knowledge as one of the core subjects in education for the younger generation. This is because, the governments have come to realize and recognize the necessity of each individual to have basic computer skills in order to be able to face the challenges in the future where computers are supreme. Many schools today have computer facilities introduced in classrooms and school laboratory which allows students to get a hands-on feel of computers, thus acquire the basic computer knowledge and skills.

Despite all the accolades heaped by the benefits of computers and the internet, there are some problems that have arisen which deserve attention. The increased dependence on this machine by today’s society is one disturbing aspect of computerization as many people’s personal lives become much more easily encroached upon. Also, something else that worries many computer users is the fact that personal records can easily be tampered with using a computer. This invasion of private lives through the access of computers becomes a danger and it clearly shows the flipside of computerization.

As we can see today, the increased in number of cases involving computer crimes proves that computer knowledge are capable of bringing misery to people’s life if abused by ‘hackers’, who have in depth knowledge of computer advances. In many recent state of movies depict how crimes are that easy to commit without leaving any traceable trails. Not only that, computers are also capable of immersing the user into a fantasy world where they tend to lose touch of reality. The rising number of children becoming obsessed with online games is an issue that needs peoples’ concern.

Computer knowledge may be essential in today’s world but people should fully recognize the many dangers that come with it. Only then can we apply this useful knowledge to improve our lives instead of abusing it for personal benefits or letting it run wild by itself. To be frank, computer knowledge is definitely something that people will really appreciate in a long run as it can really serve us well.

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