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Computer Marked Assignment

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As you’re no doubt aware, the ECMA will be open for completion between 20th April and 12th May. The ECMA is an online test comprising 16 questions which cover all the chapters of the course books. You can consult your books to complete the ECMA and it is possible to come in and out of the quiz and edit your responses as many times as you like before you submit your final answers or the ECMA closes. The questions you see will be drawn at random from a ‘bank’ of questions and the order in which they and their answers appear will be shuffled, so no two versions of the ECMA will look the same.

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Computer Marked Assignment
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When the test opens, a link to it will appear under the ‘Resources’ heading on the left-hand side of the front page of the course website. The questions are presented in a variety of formats. You will be asked to complete paragraphs of text by ‘dragging and dropping’ words and phrases into place, to answer questions about diagrams from a course text and read data from a table, to select correct answers from a drop down list, as well as answering more familiar multiple choice and short-answer ‘free text’ questions.

The ECMA is scored out of a total of 37 and counts for 5% of your overall mutinous assessment score.

The low weighting of the test reflects the fact that it has been designed primarily as a revision exercise, an opportunity to go back through the course and look at topics you may not have thought about for a while, or which you perhaps thought about in less detail on your first reading of the course materials. We really hope that you will take the time to work through the ECMA, and that you find it a useful jumping off point for your revision as you begin thinking about the final exam. So that you can get a feel for the ECMA format before you complete it, we’ve repaper a shorter, simpler quiz as a practice.

The quiz comprises 5 simple true/false questions about exam technique, which we hope will also help give you a useful start to your revision. Unlike the real ECMA, this practice version will give you instant feedback on your answers and you can complete it as many times as you like.

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