Computer Mediated Communication Essay - Part 2

6.2 - Computer Mediated Communication Essay introduction. Web User Panel
The Web User Panel is one of the most important components of e-Biz Studio. The Web User Panel is used for:

Monitors the processes, thread and users
To view and perform the task (User)

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Computer Mediated Communication
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The Web User Panel supports two kinds of users and the operation they can perform:

View the given task
View History
Initiate a task
Report Error
Change Password
Edit Preference
Process Inspector
Thread Status
User’s Status in a Particular Process
User’s Overall Progress

Inbox of the user would look like this:

6.3. Process Designer
Process designer gives user an easily understandable format, with the help of which a user can create a process.  It is defined by its starting and ending states. It will also allow users to associate to a database, which will provide user with the Resources needed for the project and also additional resources available in the database.

Process designer is very efficient as it does not only provide us to link together things but it provides an easy graphical representation of the complex data, which makes it easier to use and understand. It helps us to plan the processes before we actually start it and this provides us with a way to introspect things beforehand.

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