Computer-mediated communication Essay - Part 3

TOPIC: computer-mediated communication

What is Cyberspace?

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Cyberspace is a term used for describing the intangible or the non-physical area that is created by the help of networking and systems, although cyberspace can be created in closed systems as well - Computer-mediated communication Essay introduction?  This metaphor was coined by William Gibson in the year 1984, in his science fiction novel.

Systems that are using networks and are open systems, such as online systems, make a cyberspace. This terrain is used by people who want to communicate with other people, people who are near or far in geographical distance can communicate with them with the help of electronic mails and other forms of electronic communication such as instant messaging.  People can also use cyberspace to gather or disseminate information. They can even do things like e-shopping which means they can window shop and buy anything they like just by using the internet. In fact it has mad life so easy that tasks like paying your utility bills, credit card bills and phone bills all can be done using cyberspace.

Just like a physical area, cyberspace has its own set of objects such as messages, files, images, videos etc and it uses various kinds of delivery mediums. The difference here is that in order to go around and explore cyberspace you do not need to move physically, it is all virtual and yet you can do anything that you desire using this cyberspace. (, 2008)

Certain programs such as computer games and virtual play zones, are what we can term as special or specific cyberspace, these are designed specifically to cater to an individuals gaming needs, it has become advanced to the point that we have special areas created where the virtual space resembles the actual physical reality to almost accuracy, one can almost feel like ones there and actually performing rather than just playing the game. The formal word for such a space would be virtual reality where the audience can have the audio and visual feel for the environment. Virtual reality is also used for training pilots and other profession whose real life training is quite expensive and where the actual physical environment is difficult to duplicate.

When we discuss cyberspace we talk about it being spatial. Spatial is actually derived from the Latin word Spatium, which means “space.” Spatial is linked to the way space is defined and described. Anything concerning space comes under spatial. (blurtit, 2008

Spatial awareness is a term which means that people have the ability to be aware of the area that surrounds them and are able to coordinate and understand it. Spatial analysis basically is related to the various kinds of techniques that are used many areas of study such as in geography( to develop location points and maps), statistics(to calculate the total amount of population or sample), simulations, physics, mathematics and computer science. Spatial relation describes the distance of an object or point with reference to another object. It basically discusses the different dimensions of objects in space.

when we talk about the relationship between spatial and cyberspace and what we mean by spatial in terms of the metaphor, we talk about the virtual space that the cyberspace creates for people to communicate and interact, find data and disseminate it. We say that the cyberspace is spatial because it allows people to communicate anywhere in the world without the issue of physical or computer disposition. Now cyberspace is available to anyone who has the access to it. You can play games with anyone in the world with a click of a button, share files, data, music videos and all other things. It has made life extremely easy for all those who had to go through a lot of hassle to actually be able to communicate with people who are physically close to where they are.

With cyberspace allowing the communication between people and reducing distance, it has become a lot easier to share data. This has allowed cultural diffusion in different parts of the world, people are able to communicate more and more and this has led to people being more aware of different cultures that exist in the world. Cyberspace has made it possible for people to explore information and knowledge which they were previously unable to do so. Cyberspace has enabled people to know more about computing because it has made computing extremely interactive. It has allowed people to explore more about computers and has led to a shift in the way computers are used. It has enabled people to do simple tasks a lot quicker and easier. It has enabled people to be more efficient with their computing skills as it provides with a lot of options that were previously unknown, and by making it interactive they have been able to increase its popularity and fame.

These days we underestimate the actual area that cyberspace covers. We do not understand that everything that we do now is by the help of cyberspace. People set up their businesses, online contracts and transactions are made, the industries of online websites that are developed help in employing millions of people. The websites that companies create on cyberspace, help promote the organizations globally. There is a lot of global integration taking place with the help of cyberspace. More and more people are getting aware of the advantages of sharing information online and are trying to use it to benefit themselves. Many people have found jobs, careers using this space.

Therefore we can see how important this metaphor Cyberspace is in today’s world and how important it is for us to understand its value. It is through cyberspace that people today have been able to achieve what they have; all kinds of units, households, individuals and organizations make use of cyberspace to benefit them. The easy flow of information form one place to another and other facilities that it provides has made it a core part of the way the world lives today. Without cyberspace this communication and interaction would have been impossible. Cyberspace has enabled people to reach to heights that would have otherwise been impossible to do so.


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