Computer Programming Essay

Computer Programming

            Computers and machines have definitely changed people’s lives over the years influencing academic life, workplace, and even the home setting - Computer Programming Essay introduction. Therefore, it is important to become knowledgeable about computers and its different applications. Without doing so can severely affect one’s chances in succeeding especially in his or her professional life since majority, if not all, of companies around the world depend on computers and machines.

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            There are numerous jobs that deal specifically on the development of technology, including computers. One of the major careers in the field of computers is computer programming. People who work in this field are responsible for “writing, testing, and maintaining the instructions that computers follow to perform their functions. They also focus on conceiving, designing, and testing logical structures for solving problems by computer” (“Computer Programmers”). Literally, they program computers, softwares, and applications to function the way computers should.

            In 2007, “40 percent of companies expected to add programmers and information technologists, 45 percent expected to maintain their staffs, and 81 percent planned to increase the salaries of their computer programmers” (“The 2007 Job Market Outlook for Computer Programmers”). However, these numbers are not enough because it seems that the job outlook for this profession is not good. “The occupation is forecasted to grow more slowly than the average for all other occupations through 2014. This is mostly due to the loss of programming jobs to overseas outsourcing, along with technological advances that have almost eliminated routine programming tasks” (Niznik “Computer Programmer Jobs”). Programmers should not be worried, though, since there are opportunities for advancement in this field. Promotions can be given to programmers that can provide them with more responsibilities. After gaining enough experience and take system software courses, some applications programmers may prefer going into systems programming. They may also consider becoming programmer-analysts or systems analysts. Those with specialized knowledge and experience may opt to work in research and development, and will have the opportunity to become computer software engineers (“Computer Programmers”). Advancement in this field may take a lot of time and hard work, as well as extra cost since learning other softwares or skills might be needed to gain promotion. This is why people who are interested in computer programming should analyze the situation deeply. They should also be prepared to go forward and take the necessary steps to advance because if they stay as junior programmers, they might lose their jobs to outsourcing companies.

            A person wanting to enter the field of computer programming must have a “degree in computer science or information systems, as well as knowledge of the major programming languages” (“Computer Programmer Job Description”). Although there are no specific computer programming courses offered in the State of Mississippi, there are universities that offer courses that can be considered similar to that of computer programming including computer information systems and computer science.

            Most companies and organizations choose to hire job seekers who are not only hardworking, motivated, and determined but also possess the right skills needed for the job. Language-specific certificates and certifications from product vendors or software firms are available for computer programmers who want to advance their skills further. There are also voluntary certifications that can be obtained through various other organizations (“Computer Programmers”).

            Companies that are focused on computer programming are relatively few in the Gulf Coast. One of the companies is the Computer Systems and Technology located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Although computer programming jobs are few in this location, there are companies dedicated to provide information technology support, which can be an option to computer programmers. Contrary to this, there are a lot of programming jobs throughout the country, especially in the business districts like New York. Job seekers need to remember that obtaining certifications and other trainings is a must for their career.

            Programmers at the lowest end of the ranking earned less than $38, 460 and the highest people earned more than $106,610 in 2006. In 2007, the salary of computer programmers started at an average of $49,928 per year (“Computer Programmers”). Programmers can also work freelance or virtually for independent companies that are in need of their services. For this kind of service, programmers have the flexibility on how much to charge their clients or to ask for an increase.

            Computer programming might not be looking too good in the near future in terms of availability but job seekers and future graduates of this program should remember to continue their studies to learn more programs and obtain the proper certificates and licenses for them to broaden their knowledge about the field. Doing so increases their chances of getting promoted, becoming successful in this field, and developing their skills further. This would also make companies that choose to outsource their resources to prefer hiring within their country because they will realize that these programmers are more capable, competent, and advanced than those from other places. They would not only improve the field of computer programming but would also help in the economy of the United States.

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