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Computer system is a need of every modern day student; terms reports, assignments, projects are all part of the academic activity these days, and it is essential to have an updated system in order to complete all these work pieces - Computer Proposal Essay introduction. The prime motive for the purchase of an updated computer system for me is that, it will support me greatly in making my projects; research work will also get eased as a result of this purchase.  For the fulfillment of this basic aim I want to buy such a system which has all the necessary components in an upgraded form. The processor has to be an extra efficient one because system breakdown is one thing which has the potential to ruin a whole semester’s result. In order to avoid this I will buy a costly and reliable processor so as to avoid the later consequences. Moreover the assignments are needed to be printed so I will opt for a printer which is not very expensive; the reason behind this decision is that I mostly submit my assignments in black and white colored printouts therefore there is no point of buying an expensive printer. I want to buy a printer which has an added feature of the scanner as this will save my money. Most of the times I need to take my files to the campus or to friends’ places; so I will prefer to buy an eight gigabyte USB as this will allow me to travel easily with my files. I like to watch movies at weekends; therefore I want to buy a big flat screen LCD monitor.

LCD monitors are less harmful to the eyes as well; and I have to work for long hours on the system so this is one of the reasons behind my choice. Another thing which I need to include in my system is the Bluetooth device; I have a handset which allows the Bluetooth connectivity; therefore purchasing this device will enable me to transfer my data files to my cellular phone. Hence it will become easier for me to transfer the songs videos to my phone; the purpose of this device is not only to have latest songs in the cell phone; but this is also a preventive measure as I would be able to transfer the work files to my cell phone in case of the unavailability of the USB(PNY – 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – Blue/Black, n.d.). I would like to buy the speakers which are durable yet inexpensive. I don’t want to purchase very expensive speakers because my room is not a big one so even the small ones will do the job for me; so there is no point in wasting extra money on the speakers. The computer components therefore which I need to purchase is as follow:

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System Unit
Flat-Screen LCD Display
Bluetooth USB Adaptor
The system unit Dell I545-006B (price $719.99) was the one which I thought of buying initially but then I realized that its price is relatively much more than the other available desktop units moreover it has Intel Core 2 Quad processor which is no doubt a superior technology but I don’t want to buy this much advanced processor because of the nature of my work so I decided to buy Dell Inspiron I530-120B. The price of this unit is $649.99 at present and this is desktop system is also rated as a good one by the critiques. It has 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium SP, installed on it which is good for my use as I like to use Windows than any other Operating System. The monitor which I have decided to buy is Dell SE178WFP, currently this is priced at $129.99, I have personally used this monitor at a friend’s place and I found it to be excellent therefore I will opt for this. The USB which I want to buy is P-FD8GBATT2-SF, the basic reason for buying this is that it is on sale these days and is priced at $24.99. Lexmark’s X4650 is the printer which I will be buying; first of all it has the feature of scanner and secondly it is the one which is comparatively on the lower side as far as the price is concerned due to the sale factor; at present it is priced at $99.99. I will be buying Logitech’s S-220 speaker system as it is inexpensive, and durable. These speakers are presently are tagged $29.99(Dell XPS One Desktop Computer/PC, n.d.).

Computer Purchase Proposal:

Model no.
Amount ($)
Dell Inspiron I530-120B
system unit
Dell SE178WFP
Flat-Screen LCD Display
Lexmark X4650
Printer and Scanner
Logitech’s S-220
Speaker System
Samsung M8800 Pixon
Bluetooth USB Adaptor


Sub-Total $939.94

Sales Tax $77.45

Shipping $42

Total    $1059.39

The sources of information really do affect the perception of the consumers; if the information is from a reliable source then the psychological cost of buying of the customer decreases which strengthens the probability of the purchase to be made. As far as I am concerned the source of information which helped me out the most is the website of Best Buy. It is because I found the offerings of all the major firms and so it was easier for me to compare; secondly as this site is renowned so I can rely on the available information.


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