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Computer Related Job Position


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Computer Related Job Position
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Increasing demand for Technical Support and other computer related job position is becoming a necessity for small and big companies worldwide - Computer Related Job Position Essay introduction. Because of the modernizing and advancing technology of the 21st century, it is more apparent that companies need Technical Support engineers to help them run their business. Further, companies invest their money in careful selecting and recruiting IT support professionals before they are to decide on hiring, training, managing, and retaining their successful and qualified candidates. In likely manner, there are several points to consider before hiring a qualified IT candidate: the candidate should match the job requirements, skills and competencies, qualifications, and negotiated salary range before the job offer and contract signing. This paper then, focuses on discussing the nature and importance of the Technical Support job in every business and what to find in every promising candidate so that the companies do not waste their time and money in placing unqualified and unsuitable IT candidates in the position.


            On the previous years, there is a little demand for technical support employees in companies compared to the present. For the reason that the previous companies and organizations have simple technology, it takes a little time and lesser people to manage and troubleshoot technologies used in executing and facilitating business processes. Apparently, the demand for technical support and other computer related job positions are increasingly filling up the requirements in the job market. Due to the advancing technology in the 21st century, a need for maintaining the modernizing softwares, new gadgets, servers and routers and other forms of innovative technology becomes a necessity worldwide (Afable 2002 2).

             Nowadays, complex technology needs Information Technology (I. T.) or Technology support professionals to take care of the trouble shooting and maintenance. In order to ensure the safety and smooth running of the business process in every company, softwares, and other important files are backed up and supported by the use of the modernized technology that is being used in the company; and also, to carry out such kind of ensured technology support in every particular company, it is becoming prevalent and necessary for companies or employers to hire a group of skilled, certified, and qualified experts or Technology support professionals to help them in running their businesses. In so doing, employers of companies invests huge sums of money in investing for the purpose of hiring qualified technology support professionals to aid them in their business. Relatively, they resort to recruit the best technology professionals whom the employers would train, retain, and manage to become the company’s asset for efficiency and productivity. Thus, it is necessary to understand the nature of the job, responsibilities, required educational background of a Technical Support engineer so the company would not waste its time, money, and investment in hiring unqualified job candidates (Afable 2002 2).


Job Responsibilities and Requirements for Technical Support Engineer Position

            Before the job offer, a recruitment specialist, interviewee or human resource should know what exact requirements are to look for in every IT candidate. The candidate should match the project requirements and qualifications before the interview proper should start. Most often, it is better for recruiters to conduct a phone interview and confirm the candidates’ skill set, years of experience using the competencies, and educational degree before scheduling the candidates for a personal face-to-face interview. This is to prescreen and shortlist the qualified IT candidates in the first stage of recruitment. Moreover, the recruiter/interviewer should check and take note the additional information about the candidates’ attitude and interest towards the job vacancy discussed. Plus, recruiter should also take note whether the candidate is currently employed or is willing to consider and relocate for the job in case qualified for the position. In the second stage of recruitment, the importance of checking the candidate’s resume is a must to confirm the qualifications and skills of the candidate as it has to match the existing job requirements (Berger & Berger 2004 10).

            This is a concrete example: upon being qualified and licensed in the position of a Technical Support Engineer, one has to have the following Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco Certifies Network Associate (CCNA) certifications. In order to achieve these certifications, a job candidate must undergo a boot camp training ranging up to six (6) months. During the training, the Technical Support Engineer candidates or trainees have to complete attending the lecture series of the basics of Java programming language, and also the operating systems, Linux and Solaris. After the boot camp training consisting of the lectures, there would be an exam assessing the level of understanding among the trainees which would determine whether they have passed the whole recruitment process and before the trainees should be allowed to be on board for completing several projects. Passing every examinations every after the lecture series is equivalent to a certificate handed to the trainee which serves as the employee’s license to work on projects for the company (Fujitsu 2009).

For instance a regular employee named, Mr. Tan currently works for Fujitsu Inc. Co and has been interviewed to describe his job tasks and responsibilities as a Technical Support Engineer specializing in telecommunications. “I’m currently working for Fujitsu Phil’s Inc. which is a technology solutions provider for the Philippines’ top leading companies up to the small offices. As for example, I’m currently assigned in Globe Telecom as an On-site support engineer. We provide their Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) using Nortel products. I’m responsible for the administration and monitoring of the IVRS (Tan 2009).” For Mr. Tan, he had narrated what he has been through as a candidate for the position. According to him, he has been through a very difficult and strict recruitment process before being hired as a qualified Technology Support Engineer (Moreira 2008 3).

Such intensive training of the Technical Support Engineers were carried out by the managers of the company because for them, the quality engineers are their investment for more projects, more profit and more income for the engineer and for the company as well. In this case, recruitment of the Technical Support engineers are carefully planned and executed as a part of strategic talent management to further the advancement and growth of the employees and empower each of them to become talents of the company. Moreover, the provision of the trainings and certifications is a plus factor for the individual Technical support employee for the knowledge and skills acquired are advancements to one’s career path of growth and development. Thus, trainings, certifications, and compensation offers are part of the company’s reinforcement to stimulate the employees (TSE’s) to exert effort and perform their best in every project they are assigned to accomplish. Satisfied with all the knowledge, skills and benefits, the technical support candidates who are performing very well in their jobs are found to be most likely to keep their jobs (Talent retention) (Soat 1996 1).

Future Demand for workers in a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) position

            It is the goal of every Technical support engineer or personnel to satisfy the needs of its customers or its employers. For instance, an employer asks a Technical support engineer to backup the servers of a particular client, the Technical support should response in a quick manner of providing assistance and support to the client or customer. In such attitude of efficiency, responsibility, and resiliency of the Tech. support, the performance would be appreciated and gratified by the satisfied customer; and the client then, would be more likely to use the services again in the future. In addition, if the Technology support engineer or personnel has provided outstanding and quality products among its clients, the customers themselves would be a regular customer and purchase products regularly in the company where the Tech support is working (Khandpur & Laub 20).

            For a technical support group to maintain its quality in satisfying its customers, they should complete the trainings that the company provides for being a licensed engineer. They should enhance their product knowledge to provide quality information dissemination among its customers or clients. By completing product knowledge and hands-on training which would aid their troubleshooting skills, it would be easier and lesser complicated for the engineers to handle customer’s concerns regarding malfunction of products purchased, confusion in product or technology operations, and the like (Khandpur & Laub 23).

Educational background or Degree required for a TSE position

            Obviously, in every job vacancy, there is a standard qualification for the existing job. It is important for a recruiter/interviewer to consider the educational background of the job candidate if its matches the need of the job requirement of the company or the organization (Harvard Business Essentials 2002 2). In the case of Mr. Tan specified in the previous paragraphs, according to him, before he was initiated for the second process of recruitment stage, ”You must be a graduate of any technology related course/degree, such as: Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Information technology etc. and have knowledge with regards to Network Connections (Tan 2009).”

Work Experience level requirement in TSE position

“It doesn’t require much experience just to get in this job, even a newly graduate student can be accepted. But, it is a major advantage if you’re already familiar to the technology. I can say this because companies nowadays give special training camps for the newly hired employees before assigning them to their respective job roles (Tan 2009).”

Prevalent Openings for TSE Position

There are a lot of openings for a Technical support position. By getting this position you’ll have time to learn the knowledge and experience that is needed for you to be a globally competitive professional. With the fast advancing technology nowadays, there would be a prevalence of mass Technology Support positions available in companies. Apparently, the United States of America have numerous job offers for qualified IT or Tech. Support professionals for placement (Corporate & Government Career Guide 2009 5).

            Now, the choice is in the hands of the Technical Support engineer whether which company provides what they need in the advancement of their career and the attainment of their career objective. In so doing, companies think of persuasive ideas and catchy compensation and benefits packages to attract the Technology Support professionals to apply and consider their company. Today, a need for an efficient and productive technology support group or personnel is the goal for most employers to ensure the generation of more monitored revenues for existing small and big business companies in the United States (Corporate & Government Career Guide). Because of the increasing demand of experts in the field of Information Technology, the newly graduates of Computer courses like Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Technician, Management Information System, Computer Engineering, Computer Management courses are the targets of companies to have lesser expectations with regards to asking salary. Further, it would be more beneficial for companies to invest on these graduates (to train them and hire them) and build their careers to become assets of the company. But most of all, the employers could get lower asking rates for the graduates due to their beginner status in the field of actual Information Technology. Most likely, the newly emerging Technology support would take its time to consider the best job that would meet their expectations. So, what the companies do is to create persuasive offers like higher paying advertisements in the newspapers, opportunity to work abroad, higher compensation and benefits for building the pipeline for the company’s newly emerging technical support candidates   (Corporate & Government Career Guide 2009 11)

Salary Range for a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) position

            Moving forward, after the recruiter has gathered enough information about the qualified and prescreened IT/Tech. support candidate, one should take note of the asking or starting salary rate of the candidate. This is for the recruiter to assess whether the asking rate of the candidate is reasonable according to the candidate’s level of knowledge. Moreover, for freshmen graduates and starters in the Technology support position, they are most likely to receive a standard pay of 500-600 USD. For the advanced position with several years of experience however, they are usually receiving 1000-3000 USD (Adamsky  2001 96).


            There is a pressing demand for Technology support candidates to fill the positions for placement in small and business companies. For the companies to ensure the proper monitoring of their revenues, maintenance, and support for their current technology in use, employers resort to hire highly-skilled Information Technology experts to assist them in running their business. Talent management and retention should be next goal of strategic management after hiring the qualified professional for the profit of both the employer and employee.

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