Computer Science as a discipline of study Essay

Computer Science as a discipline of study

                   In  Computer  science ( or  computing  science ) we  study  the  science  of  the  theoretical  principles  of  information  and  computation , and  their  implementation  and application  in  computer systems - Computer Science as a discipline of study Essay introduction . There  are  various  fields  in  Computer science such  as Theory  of  Computation[1] , Mathematical  foundations[2] , Algorithms  and  Data  Structures[3] , Programming  methodology  and  languages[4] , Computer  elements  and  architecture[5] , Numeric  and  symbolic  computation[6] , etc .

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Computer Science as a discipline of study
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Importance of Computer Science
Computer  science  is  gradually  becoming  a  very  important  part  of  our  lives

and the present society. It  is  widely  used  in  several  important  fields  such  as business , finance , industrial  sector , education , railway , Earth  science , research , defence  and  so  on . Nowadays  all  transactions  and  operations  are  performed  with  the  help  of  computers  and  computer – aided  devices .

                   These  automated  operations  have  predominantly  replaced  the  manual operations  which  used  to  be  time – consuming , which  in  turn  implied  that  long  batches  of  jobs  would  be  waiting  for  indefinite  periods  to  get  executed . Delays , suspensions  and  deadlocks  were  very  common  in  the  past  which  have  been  replaced  by  modern  computer  systems  ensuring  optimum  execution  time  and  minimum  delays .

            These  computers  may  consist  of   Pentium[7]  series  processors , Celeron[8]  and  other  micro – processors . As  a  result  modern  equipments  are  much  more  efficient  and  effective . Several applications require operations to complete within a specified deadline , in  these  cases  modern  computer  systems  are  very  useful  as  they  ensure that  operations  complete  within  the  deadline  period  and  crashing  of  operations  is  averted .

                   Reliability  of  modern  systems  is  much  more  as  compared  to  that  of  old   manual  systems  as  there  are  less  chances  of  incorrect  computations  or  wrong  results owing  to  the  usage  of  integrated  circuits[9] ( IC ) that  incorporate  digital  adders , subtractors , multipliers , dividers ,integrators  and  differentiator  circuits  which  essentially form  the  basis  of  mathematical  computations . These , along  with  various  logic  devices  Such as counters, flip – flops, multiplexers   are present in the Arithmetic–logic Unit[10] (ALU) of a computer system.

                   Programming languages are very important from the perspective of Computer science. These allow  us  to  express  computations  that  can  be  performed  by  a  computer. With  the  help  of  a  programming language , one  can  construct  a  well – structured  mechanism  that  defines  pieces  of  data , along  with  the  operations  or  transformations  that  may  be  carried  out  on  that  data . Programming  languages  like  C , C++ , Java , COBOL , etc.  are  of  immense  importance  to  the  programmers  who  design various  softwares  and  application  programs .

Impact of Computer Science on the present society

                   Computer  science  has  a  huge  impact  on  the  present  society  and  will  continue  to  have  even  greater  impact  on  the  future  generations . The importance of  computers  is  growing  in  leaps  and  bounds  and  a  day  will  come  when  Computer  Science  simply  becomes  indispensable  for  the  human  society . Although  Computer  science  is  very  new  to the world  of  academic disciplines , it  has  made  a  number  of  contributions  to  science  and  society .

                   Computer  science  has  given  rise  to  the  concept  of  a  programming  language  which  is  used  to  precisely  express  and  define  methodological  information  at  different abstraction  levels . It  has  triggered  the ‘ Digital  Revolution ‘ , contributing  to  the  current  Information  Age  and  the  Internet[11] . The  Internet  has  become  widely  popular  today  since  it  connects  people  from  different  countries , states , religions and  other  differing  backgrounds . The search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.  Are helping

People find out whatever they require. Messengers  such  as  the  MSN  messenger , Yahoo  messenger , Gtalk  and  others  are  effective  means  of  communication . Communication  takes  place  through  message  transfer  as  well  as  file  transfer . Apart  from  these , chat  forums  and  social  networking  websites  such  as  Orkut  aim  to  connect  friends , relatives , colleagues  and  people  from  various  backgrounds . Several  websites  allow  users  to  shop  online  and  make  online  payments  through  e – cheques[12]  and  e – cash[13] . Online  trading , online  banking , online  auction  and  other  commercial  and  business  activities  are  carried  out  through  the  Internet .

                   Various networking devices, networking components and technologies such  as  modems[14] , LAN[15] cards , Ethernet[16]  allow  Internet  facilities  to  be  easily  accessed  by  users  across  different  parts  of  the  globe .

                   Games and multimedia are also coming of age. These  are  huge  attractions  for  people  from  different  age  groups  and  gender . Pictures , movies , songs , graphics , videos  and  animations  are all  multimedia  elements  and  these  contribute  to  the  overall entertainment  of  the  current  generation .

                   Data  storage  and  database  management  systems  are  very  vital  aspects  of  Computer  science . Efficient data storage implies correct execution of programs. Databases  such  as  SQL , MySQL , Oracle  play  important  roles  in  the  progress  of  Computer  science . Data  storage  devices  like CD ( Compact  disc ) , DVD ( Digital  Versatile  disc ) , hard  disks , pen  drives  serve  an  useful  purpose  when  it  comes  to  storing  data  consistently  and  for  a  long  time .

Impact of Computer Science  on the future society

In  the  very  near  future  human  society  will  see  terrific  developments  in  the  field  of  Artificial  Intelligence[17] , which  can  possibly  lead  to  the  advent  of  Pentium  series  processors  with  higher  processing  capabilities  and  enhanced  intelligence.  These properties  would  probably  guide  human  beings  to  act  according  to  the  instructions  of  the  computer . Moreover  scientific  computing  will  reach  greater  heights  in  the  fields  f  Bioinformatics , Cognitive  Science , Computational  chemistry , Computational neuroscience , Computational  physics . Progress  in  cryptography  will  ensure  safer  and  more  secure  passwords  and user  accounts .

                   Although  computers  have  contributed  so  much  to  the   development  of  mankind , there  are  a  few  drawbacks  that  can  hurt  the  society  very  badly . One  of  the major  drawbacks  is  that  computers  increase  our  dependence  on  them . Man  could  even  stop  thinking  one  day , resting  his  hopes  on  Computer  science . This  tremendous  development  in  Computer  science  could  lead  to  some  destructive  ideas  and  thoughts .


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[1]  includes Automata theory,Computability theory,Quantum computing theory
[2]  includes Number theory,Graph theory,Mathematical logic
[3]  involves analysis of algorithms
[4]  includes compilers and programming languages
[5]  includes digital logic,multiprocessing
[6]  includes numerical algorithms,symbolic mathematics
[7]  The Pentium brand refers to Intel’s single-core x86 microprocessor based on the P5 fifth-generation microarchitecture
[8] The Celeron brand is a range of x86 CPUs from Intel aimed at budget/value personal computers

[9]  Miniaturized electronic circuit consisting of semi-conductor devices.
[10]  It is one of the units of the processor meant for arithmetic and logical computations
[11]  network of networks providing different resources and services
[12]  electronic cheque,paid online after a certain transaction replacing ordinary paper cheque
[13]  digital representation of money paid in binary form.
[14]  Device converting analog signals to digital data and vice-versa
[15]  local area network connecting two or more computers in a network within a short distance
[16]  protocol controlling data transmission over a local area network
[17]  branch of computer science that aims to build machines with intelligence.

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