Computer Science Personal Statement Essay

Since I was young , I liked computers a lot. Around 2002, computers striked the middle east as an evolving technology. My family was among the first to buy a desktop computer in kuwait as they believed it would help me develop and it would be useful for us as it facilitated communication with our relatives around the world. Since it welcomed our home, computer became my really close friend. I spent almost all of my free time on it as I found everything I needed from entertainment to education.

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Computer Science Personal Statement
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Eventually, my interest in computers started growing and evolved from games to programs. I learned many computer applications in my middle school and I was one of the best students in computers in my school. I didn’t stop here, I learned courses from institutes involving many designing programs such as photoshop, illustrator, and 3D max. During my freshmen year, I learned sony vegas, a movie making program. In my daily life, I do most of my activities on the computer which became a main factor in my life.

This led me to think how computers are a major component of many peoples life nowadays and how many individuals and businesses depend on them to fulfil many of time consuming tasks in few seconds. Therefore, computers are considered to be the main contributors to our modern society. Without the computers superpowers , humans would spend penalty of time to do some tasks or maybe can’t even do it. Taking all this into account, Computer Science would be the ultimate field of study for me as I will contribute to the whole world by developing such useful tool that all people depend on.

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